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Police brutality in Nigeria

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11 months ago

Nigeria is a blessed country with so many minerals and oil and it is also blessed with different people and diverse culture but the corruption rate in the country is very high. We have bad government officials who only steal public funds and use the police to oppress its citizens.

The Nigerian police force has recorded series of killings done by its personal for no just cause. The collect bribe or frustrate you for not giving then what the want. The youths have been the high target of the Nigerian police by denying them there right. Tell me which police person will just stop you because you are carrying a dread locks and demand that he goes through your mobile phone?

But the Nigerian police does, the stop you and demand that the go through your phone and if you don't open it you either get beaten or even killed by them. The youths are tired and the need a reform of the police force in Nigeria.

There are much stories with evidence to prove the high rate of police brutality in the country which are absurd and abuse of human rights.

The Peaceful protest has turn to a war and the government is killing its citizens through the Nigerian police. Please the world should come to our aid and save us from these corrupt politicians.

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