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Cyber crimes in Nigeria.

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6 months ago

Nigeria is no doubt a great country with population of about 200million people but cyber crime is on an increase because the chances of surviving in Nigeria is very minimal and the youths are eager for quick cash. Cyber crime is popularly called yahoo yahoo in Nigeria and its a process where by the defraud mostly the whites of the money. The most times feel the colonial masters took from them and the are simply collecting what is rightfully there. The truth is that there is no justification for crime but due to the fact that there are no Jobs and even if there was any you would either pay or have someone at the top of affairs in order to get the job.

Cyber crime in Nigeria is seen as the best way to go for the youths who are frustrated and broke. My advice to you is that don't let your greed cloud your common sense and don't send money to someone you don't know on the internet.

A friend of mine from Canada told me that most people in his state where scammed of about $660 million by Nigerian's. Then I begin to wonder how bad we all fall for ponzi schemes not that we don't know that its a ponzi scheme we just feel we could cash out quickly and be rich over night. No it doesn't work that way let us all be contented with what we have and ask God to bless the works of our hands and not fall prey to the devices of the enemy.

#Say no to cyber crime.

#Say no to bad governance.

#Say no to fraud.

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