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We are at War

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6 months ago


Throughout history, religious war proved the most catastrophic. While one could tell when it began no one can tell when it will end.

Like the grave, it never says "enough" but keeps consuming everything in it's path.

Today the world is burning like an oven. A certain war is raging at a scale humanity has ever known.

We are face-up against terrorism occasioned by radical religious extremist all over the globe. This wickedness has confronted and brought the intelligence of military tactians and analyst of religious convictions an geopolitics and gun blood to still loom in the atmosphere polluting our land.

The resistance we face is of complex kind. Therefore securing conquest must be by a multi-complex and omni-force, superior to the resistance!.

That sovereignty is found no place else than in God.

The reasons our weapons are not made arsenals consisting of nuclear warheads and other such assault missiles is because the enemy is not a human being, but w wicked spirit.

The only language he understands is the language of power.

While many live victoriously because they know God and His Word is alive and active in them, others live in defeat without it.

The power we seek is all in the Word. In-spite of that, many are undersiege for falling to realize the power of God has given them in His Word.

The enemy is viscious. And we require the military force of God's supernatural intelligence to take him out!

It's from that standpoint of invisibility that we disposes the enemy territories we previously lost due to ignorance and regain control.

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