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Tons of Mysterious Events

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2 months ago

Recently, the number of beggars that are in our streets and environs have increased sporadically. We thought that it was the because these set of people are vulnerable but there is more than meet the eyes.

You would bear me witness that the world is becoming more dangerous to live in. Without having to look far, you'd see that even the most trusted person is turning out to be the enemy hiding in sheep clothing and perpetuating evil actions against their unsuspecting victims.

Around Alakuko, a community in the western end of Lagos, a woman who sells food met a shocker when she went to consult a spiritual doctor. She had gone for a different matter when a woman with a polythene bag emerged to give the native doctor a parcel of remnant food gotten from different fast food or restaurants in town.

When the native doctor received the said woman, she was asked her to go to the inner room, probably the powerhouse of the native doctor, where he consults all the spirits in his custody to help carry out some assignments.

The native doctor excused himself to meet the woman and the following conversation ensued.

Open it went as planned.

The native doctor asked the woman who was sweating like she was been chased by some attack dogs. The woman who was later known to be Aduke replied the native doctor.

Yes ooo. I got the food from those who were eating from their served dishes. They had out on me and poured me the remnants in their dishes.

Now, the traditional doctor applauded Aduke while the restaurant owner from Alakuko was listening to their conversation.

Now, you will return later at night with a white robe and a calabash that will be used to offer this food as sacrifice.

When Aduke heard this, her countenance changed because she thought the food begging task would be the last for her before her wealth starts dripping. She hurriedly left the dark room, bowing her face so that the other woman who was sitting and waiting for the native doctor would not see her.

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It was deduced from their conversation that everyone who had poured her some food into the polythene bag had with their own hands sold their destinies to this woman who appeared vulnerable.

Since the traditional doctor had told the woman to return in the evening, it is to conclude what they had started.

It is a known fact that in the bid to acquire wealth, people get involved in many fetish ventures to harm their unsuspecting neighbors of colleague. At time, friends and even family relatives could be one of their many targets.

A religious cleric, in one recent occurrence was said to have arranged how one of his member was kidnapped. Before the case was unraveled, the cleric and the abductors have made solid arrangement on how to share the ransom that would be paid to release the abductors.

My P.O.V On This Matter

Be careful who you help, especially if you do not have an alliance with the almighty God who is the one who can not sleep nor slumber in watching over his flock.

Though, not all beggars have evil or manipulative tendencies, one should watch out to give what could be used against them.

World over, some of the discoveries on spirituality in Africa have found roots in other continents. There are shrines where voodoo is practiced all over the world.

Hence, for anyone to say that dark forces do not exists, it could be termed voluntary action of ignorance.

Some people still hold the idea that since they do not conceive evil intentions over their neighbours, nothing evil cam befall them. We should come to the realization that dark forces do not respect persons, they can bring people to their lowest time in life.

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Written by   242
2 months ago
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these days people are scared to help people

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