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Tommy Hilfiger #Labels

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5 months ago

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Growing up was such a big fun for those of us born in the 1980s. You may be wondering why it appears like the fun in this dispensation is nothing compared to those days. One major aspect that made the fun overrated was when I saw this, the first thing that crossed my mind is the way we put much consideration into wearing designers cloth we can not afford back then.

Here, I need not consult a dictionary to tell me what labels are. Labels are the trademark of a product. A clothing one for instance will add a label 🔖 with an inscription securing that product as an idea from its stable. Just like other products haves their labels too. Of emphasis here is our take on clothes back in the days.

Wearing designers shirts, shoes, boxers or trousers was in vogue during our time. We began to learn the name of different foreign designers such that we compete with our classmates by mentioning the names of internationally recognized designers. So, I had to devise a means of knowing more designers than any other of my classmates surfing the internet which was also very scarce.

It would amaze you to know that in the 80s, one of the most popular designers was Tommy Hilfiger. Other designer labels also played in my head. Such as Valentino, Gucci, and Gabbana, Timberland, T.M Lewin.

The logic is very simple. What we do to claim our status is big boys were to wear designers even as secondary school students. I usually approach boutiques where fairly used clothes are sold and pay to get the labels. Most times, the labels of all these mentioned designers are my targets. I get as many as possible labels from boutiques. And the labels come from worn-out clothes and are cheap too.

What I Do With The Labels

Since most of us cannot afford designer clothes, we end up sewing the labels we bought from the boutiques at the back of our shirts. So, with that, we get to show off our shirts too with the label even if they were adulterated.

I remember when Old Navy chinos was the same of the moment, we had to go all out to ensure we bought old navy labels and attached to our back pockets indicating what we have bought from the biggest shops in town.

It wasn't easy to claim a big boy on those days. Most of our clothing's we're fairly used but we were peaceful and loving people. We only want to be noticed. .ost importantly, we don't want to be seen as not exposed, so we go all out do what we needed to do with labels.

Unfortunately, some guys who did not know how we come about those clothes begin to unravel what we were able to do but found no answers. Some became so close that they started watching our steps. That's the gimmick they learnt in the long run.

Thank you for helping me bring that memory of yesteryear. The seemed like it only just happened yesterday. I hope this generation of young people wi find what makes them happy too.

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Written by   158
5 months ago
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You wrote a nice memory of yourself in designer clothes. Did you read the body of the prompt? It doesn't seem like it. But that's ok. Your are allowed to write ANYTHING about labels. However, your story is not 600 words. I'll have to reject it.

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5 months ago