The Admirer Who Never Showed Up.

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Mr. George, the principal of Maverick High school is so passionate about music. Every quarter, the students in the music club would always rehearse to present a concert of some genre of music. In December 2018, the chairman of the Parents forum of Maverick High had made a promise to forward a box of gifts to all instrumentalists in the club for the next five years. This promise made all members of the club up their game in the mastery of their instrument of music.

Lolade loves to play the bass guitar while his friend Jemima plays the violin.

Five years after the promise of the chairman of the parent forum, the current club members were in their first year. They weren't too eager about the gift, their passion was just to play music.

One morning, when the students were gathered in the school hall, Mr. George announced:

Good morning all. This year, the music club will be hosting the national handball team on the evening of the music concert here in Mavericks High.

The whole hall went berserk. He continued:

With the music director, this year, we shall be dancing to the time of contemporary music.

Everyone was excited except Tobby. He had expected that Afro-pop would be considered as the genre of music to be played for the concert. Tobby love afro-pop and plays the piano so well for this type of music.

After the assembly, all students left the hall with some frenzy feeling.

Preparations went on in top gear. Since the Christmas Carol would come up two days after the music concert, the school choral group also released every Wednesday evening in the music laboratory. China, the choral group leader requested that everyone brings a Christmas song each so that the group could rehearse together.

Jemima's boyfriend, Emeka was in the choral group. He is the best saxophonist in the school and such earned his respect. His father is a music lecturer at the state university. His background in music does not want anything noisy. As such, he would rather remain in the choral group than join the music club.

The Concert

On the day of the event, the school hall was decorated by an event planning company. The chairs were covered with raiment like that of royalty. The chair was set in circles, six persons would seat on a table.

In the exotic hall was seated the national handball team as the music club played. They played one song to the other which most of the students sang along to. From Ed Sheeran to X Ambassadors, Rachel Platten and Taylor Swift. The best songs according to the screaming of the audience were Richard Marx's Another One Down, Sam Smith Dancing with a stranger, and Matthew West's ~ The God who stays.

It was the coolest evening for some learners. The day ended with the big of gifts for all the instrumentalists and the handball team taking photograph shots with the music club members on stage.

Jemima got three boxes from the parent forum chairman and the handball team respectively. She had a secret admirer who would never stop cajoling her with gifts in weird places. That evening, she was too excited to find out who gave her the third box of gifts.

After the event, Emeka and Jemima strolled home hand in hand gisting about Christmas.

Aren't you elated about the gifts? Let's see what's inside the boxes joor.

Emeka said with utmost curiosity.

Alright then, if you insist.

They sat in the street garden to open the boxes. The first had an electronic violin. It was the best gift she ever received. The box from the handball team had a beautiful jersey in it. The third anonymous box was opened but was wrapped with a foil. And when it was opened, they found some female panties and lips gloss with a short note, with an inscription:

Thanks for the Kiss again.

When Emeka saw that, he didn't know what to say. He just got up and left Jemima alone. She tried to calm him but Emeka's mind was made up. He wasn't going to keep a cheat as a girlfriend. She made several to reach Emeka but to no avail. Jemima resolve to wait till next term to explain everything to Emeka who would neither pick her calls nor reply to emails.

Christmas Carol

Mr. George invited other schools in town to grace the occasion as the choral group played several editions of Christmas songs to mark the last day of the school year. Jemima was presented in the hall, with mixed feelings she sat quietly watching as Emeka played the saxophone professionally. He didn't notice her.

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The last rendition for the day was Harold Darke Version-In the Bleak Mid-winter to be played by Emeka via his saxophone. It was a cool start, he delved into the song with so much vigor, just as he was to climax it, his eyes met with Jemima, who stares at him. He missed the keys and stopped abruptly. Everyone stood in ovation for the maestro. He knew he made mistake but wondered why he was receiving so many accolades. Jemima couldn't hold it anymore, she ran to the stage and hugged him tightly with a box of gifts.

The made-up. Emeka held her hands with other choral group members as they took a bow.

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Topics: Concert, Music, Christmas, Gifts, Romance, ...


I am glad that they still end up with each other. This is so wonderful story mate 🤗

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I always look forward to your story. Always very interesting. Enjoyed reading this one as well!

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Wow. Thanks, @The.Ada for the compliments.

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