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When I entered my living room, all I saw were bouquets of flowers everywhere. I was so shocked and I wondered where it all came from. There were so many that one could think my house was a florist shop. Looking around, there were different notes on each of the flowers but one particular flower stood out. It was a white lily and I picked up the letter on it to check the content.

"I went to the florist shop wanting to get you a flower and I realized I couldn't pick as everyone of them were as beautiful as you are. This particular lily stood out and I hope you love it. 

With much love,

Damien "

My insides were so gooey and I squealed so loud that my roommate came outside. She continuously asked me what was going on and when she realized I wouldn't get her any answers, she picked up the letter herself to read.

" Please, is this the reason you're excited? Damien is just deceiving you. The sooner you realize that, the better for you." My roommate, Tania, said and sassily walked out of the room.

Tania has never liked Damien for one day and I wondered why. Damien is just a sweet guy who always has a trick up his sleeves to make me happy and despite the fact that I've questioned her severally for her reasons, she chooses not to tell me but instead, rains more curses on him. 

Today, I was fed up with this character of hers. I had to drag her back and despite her reluctance to tell me what was going on I had to force it out of her.

"Damien is not who you think he is" she shouted at me and I told her to prove it. I knew where this was going and that I'll probably be hurt at the end of this but I still want to go through with it.

Tania made the suggestion of calling him and she did.

"Hello Damien, how are you doing"

"I'm fine thank you Tania. How's your friend Precious?." 

I was grinning so hard on how he changed the conversation to ask about me.

" she's fine, she okay, but that's not why I called"

" Why did you call then? I hope everything is alright?"

Damien spoke with so much calmness in his voice that I hardly could find any errors or suspicion. Tania broke in his speech:

"Damien, I won't be able to make it this weekend as promised, I have to go home to see my parents."

With my mouth wide open and eyes almost dropping from its sockets,I held my head in my hands and I sank into the nearby couch. 

"What do you mean you won't be chanced? 

I could hear Damien speaking with anger. There is something I to figure out. What are they meeting about? Have they been seeing each other? Why had Tania been silent all along until now that I think I have found the love of my life. 

" Tania! I have no feelings for you. It's Precious that catches my fancy. If you do not stop calling me, I may be forced to tell her that you have been a thorn in my flesh."

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This was Damien speaking. Precious have been hitting my boyfriend behind me and robbing the faeces on my face. 

All of a sudden, Tania went dead silent. She looked me in the eyes. I thought she saw rage and fire and turned the phone off. Something in me was pushing me to ask her what that was all about. 

What Happened afterwards. Find out in the next episode. 

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