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Relevance of Wildlife To Mankind

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When we hear of wildlife we often think it just about animals. The term refers more than that thought. Wildlife is a conglomeration of all living things in the wild or forest is you like, ocean, desert and more. Do all these living things play any role in the ecosystem? Of course they do, far beyond our reasoning.

#Tourism and Economy

Reserved habitats for the wild usually served the purpose of tourist attraction. Visitors from near and far comes to have a view of the amazing nature of the wild be it in the forest, aquarium, hills or even artificial habits. When these steps are taken, people pay to come watch how life is lived from the other end. By so doing, revenue is raised and some professionals are employed to keep that facility going.


# Being Around Nature Can Improve Mental Health.

A lot of people are living with mental health crises. Report shows that volunteers who had mental health issues improved after 12 weeks of exposure to nature, wildlife. This is the more reason we should protect wildlife and the habitat they live in.

# Wildlife Preservation Creates More Jobs.

A statistics from Honduras shows that a reserve employee about 8,000 jobs and about 300% in income level of the community where the reserve is planted. However, the foregoing explains why nations should begin to diversify their economy by looking into wildlife reserves to close the wide rate of unemployment ravaging our countries.

# Cultural Relevance

The impact wildlife has on culture can’t be ignored. The presence of animals and plants has always influenced things like religious beliefs and food. In many indigenous groups, sage is a vital herb for religious ceremonies. For followers of Hinduism, elephants and cows are sacred symbols. Regional dishes made with local ingredients preserve memory and tradition, while also bringing communities together. To keep culture and traditions alive, it’s important to protect wildlife. No doubt, wildlife spices up culture and keeps it alive.

#People Depend on Wildlife for Livelihood.

As wildlife shrinks, people lost their jobs and causes a fall in living standards. About $44 trillion, which make more than half of the world GDP is recovered from wildlife or tired to nature. More than ¾ of world jobs depends on water, that's a great percentage of what nature represent in world's job creation and the more reason we should protect her.

# Preserving Wildlife Means Fewer Diseases.

To guide wildlife does not mean to live close to it. Keeping a safe distance from the wild will keep diseases away from man and protecting wildlife also keeps diseases like Malaria and Lyme disease far from us. Proximity to animals increases the risks for diseases changing and “jumping” species. By protecting habitats, humans and wildlife don’t have to live so close together.

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#Many Medicines Comes From Wildlife

The Chinese traditional medicine which is very effective relies on wildlife like herbs, spices and more. Aspirin, Penicillin, Morphine and other medicines were derived from wild plants. When research for cure of like Alzheimer and cancer were still very new, nature was a big option through which medic researches were carried out.

Every living thing is connected. If even just one organism becomes threatened or extinct, it has a dominant effect on an entire ecosystem. It disrupts the food chain, sending shockwaves through the environment. It’s also important to know that threats to species rarely happen in isolation. For ecosystems to thrive, all wildlife must be protected.

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Written by   162
7 months ago
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