Mistaken Identity

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It was a huge offer. What Mr Alonso was promising to give, if, only if I did what he wanted me to do. My arms were tied to the handle of the chair, so escaping or refusing the offer was a 50/50 chance. I scrutinized the whole room and its contents. The five hefty men that had done the job of bundling me into their car and wrapping my mouth to prevent the outside world from hearing my high-pitched scream. It was really looking like an early morning nightmare and sedating me to sleep was not a good idea. All these happened during my morning jog.

There were many cartons in the room and thick lines of spider webs hanging from the roof. I need not be told that it was Famyy's Warehouse which had been abandoned for a year now. Mr Alonso had mistaken me for Princess Ciara, the only heiress of Famyys Empire- the largest growing business empire in the whole city. They controlled everything- the refinery, food production, textile and every other sector. The Emperor Famyy even became greater than the Governor himself! 

Two years ago, something terrible had befallen Fammy. His household which happened to be in the heart of the city was attacked. His wife and three of his older children were killed leaving him alive with the little baby, Ciara. In order to protect his only heiress, he hired the best security for his only child and protected her to the extent of locking her behind the castle all her life not until now that she had clocked eighteen. 

"I can't do what you are asking of me."

 I said honestly at the fierce looking man whose face looked like one that survived from several fists and punches. 

"Do you have a choice? Of course you do have a choice; do what I'm asking of you or die." 

That was really harsh for Mr Alonso to say but he left me with an offer. At first he was suggesting twenty million and that was really too small to cater for my unending needs.

He kept on staring at me and suddenly got distracted…distracted by something on my hair. Mr Alonso placed his hand on my hair and cupped an object in his hand. It was a cockroach. He toyed with its leg for a while before he started another round of conversation. 

"Twenty million dollars or…" 

His palm squashed the poor brown insect. Cream liquid spread on his palm. Mr Alonso was threatening me and I was tied to a chair helplessly.

"Very soon you will free me and I'll make sure I run straight to the police and they'll get you."

 I gritted my teeth feigning anger. 


He said before one of his hefty boys landed a slap on my face. 

To cut long stories short, I needed money. Money to take care of my parents, my little  daughter Emma and pay the non-stop bills multiplying by every passing day. 

I said "Money is my major priority and anything else is counterfeit, plenty of money to supplement my basic needs and necessities. "

"Twenty million naira is too small for me, she said profusely, making it fifty for all the stress, necessities and tough times I listed earlier. Make it fifty, she said continuously.".

The angry look in Mr Alonso face could murder an insect. After much pleading or should I call it negotiation from both parties, Jewel later agreed to the offer with the whopping sum of fifty million dollars for her to go home with.

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