Loved on Arrival

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I like to be like Tiger Woods, hitting the ball at the right side and ensuring it pot as planned. This had always been what I wanted to do, it wasn't like I didn't do it, my passion died almost at the hedge of victory. Every man has that instinct, one that makes them take a long look at what they want, stare at it in the face. 

Until she came to pick kits on the football pitch where other players and I were cooling off after a long March that entered extra time, I never knew that Ebi had longed to get closer to me. Playing for the department isn't such a luxurious thing to do but at least, I did something. 

All I kept hearing from the sideline was a female tiny voice, saying:

Paulen, kick the ball, you have an empty net right in front of you. 

That was not the case though. That chant kept coming over and again after I lost the penalty kick awarded to my team. I didn't feel bad because I knew it was a game of chance. 

Ebi became the first woman that caught my attention even though I had no guys to walk up to her. Now that she came to me, asking me to ask her out, I gathered enough muscles to do just that and it paid off. 

To say how the journey into an affair went for Ebi and I is a mirage because it just ended abruptly and we lost contact afterwards. 

Many years later, a lady that looks just like Ebi, walked into our workplace and again, my heart skipped. I looked hard at her to see if she was Ebi. She isn't. I wanted to be sure, there was no conviction yet so I tried thinking. Is this a weakness for me? Maybe a strength that could bring better things much later. 

Debbyrose is cool and collected but she could be a handful of a thing when she wants to get wacky. It's fine to nurture this handful of nature that Debby has brought to the board. 

The first day she spoke directly at me, it sounded like an eerie smooch seeking to give bumps on my skin. 

I turned purple even though I am dark in completion. The smell of her tastes like jam. This rose had not only to be plucked but be kept likewise. That's my war and I wouldn't be fighting it alone. 

Call it lust, I'd understand. Call it infatuation, I'd tell you lied. This is because only I know what I feel about you, Debbyrose. How on earth could you think that my feelings for you don't count? You make the matter worst is when you say, 

Let it die steadily. 

I said to myself. 

Have you ever been in love with someone who never knew you were dying to have them? And when you finally made the move, they told you:

You don't deserve me. 

Simply put, she is all you want. Mature, with a sense of direction but could be a hardwood. A very hard nut to crack. 

Paulen is not one used to playing games. Now that he has been caught in the web of Debby, would he give up and let Debby be? If you asked me, I'd tell you, giving up is not an option to consider. Though, it may take eternity, that's a time too. 

One evening, as Paulen walked across the office next to Debby's, he heard some folks discussing how another colleague wanted to send a chat to his girlfriend but sent it mistakenly to his immediate boss. His boss, a lady, thought it was a deliberate act.  

She invited the guy to her home where she had prepared a sumptuous meal y to be disappointed when the guy told her the message wasn't for her. 

She had made up her mind to have fun with the guy to quench her hunger for a masculine touch two years after she divorced her husband. It wasn't meant to be. The guy played his role to attend to the invite but didn't get to dig down her soft spots as demanded. 

Where do I place Debbyrose? Should I play fowl and hunt the cockroach or be the nice boy I have been. Is Paulen even serious about all that he had mentioned? 

These are the questions that must be racing through the mind of Debbyrose. She won't be ready to let go if she gives in, that I can assure you. Paulen is not such a guy that gives in that easily likewise. 

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