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Ty Rodrigues:The Beginning

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7 months ago

I woke up early in the morning,without thinking about school.I woke up with a full smile on my face

"Yey! Its saturday the start of week end.I dont need to think about school,i will enjoy this week end."

And my mom shouted "Ty wake up,the sun is already up!"

I got shocked by my mother's shout,it is early in the morning and she is shouting so loud.Arghh

After hearing that i arrange my bed as fast as i can or else my mother will get super angry again.After i left my room i smell the fresh cooked egg,fried fish and the aroma of a coffe.My mom is cooking our breakfast,my mother is so sweet you know.Hehe

I get some rice and put it on my plate,i get fried egg and fried fish.The taste of an egg and a fish in morning is the best with a cup of coffe.🤤

While eating my mother told me that we will go to the mall.

I got so very excited,after 1 month finally we will go to the mall.Then i ask my mother "mom what we will do in the mall?".She said "i will buy my self a clothes and for you also,you are starting to grow big you need new clothes".

After eating breakfast i wash the plates immediately,i was thinking on what will i buy.

Im thinking of playing some games or buying some toys or maybe look for a new phone.

After preparing myself we already ride a bus,we dont have a car thats why we always commute.While riding i fell a sleep and just woke up that i was already on city and after a minute we already arrive on the mall.

I only saw some people because it is super early and the mall just opened a minutes ago.

After opening the door the cold air touch my skin.That was very cold and refreshing,it is like it cleanse my mind.

I saw many stalls setting up their products and opening thier stalls,but some of them is already fully open.

First we go to the cloth store.There are do many clothes there and we spent 2 hours there especially my mother.She always take time to pick clothes sometimes she spend 3 hours or more.While me i pick 5 clothes in just 5 minutes.

After picking up some clothes we get some snacks to eat.We go to the Jollibee and i ordered french fries and burger while my mother get spaggettie.That was so very delicious and it really satisfy my tummy.

After eating some snacks we go to furniture and appliance store.Here we go again spending an hour buying some stuff.I saw many cool appliances and furniture some is too expensive and some is cheap.

An hour passed again,its time to get some grocery supplies.While getting some cereals i saw a girl same as my age,she has a smooth hair and shiny.Then she look back to me and i saw her beautiful face,her eyes is so beautiful like like a diamond and her smile is sweet like a candy.I like to say "hi" but i dont the courage to speak up.Then the girl left with her parents,i want to ran fast to catch her but i dont have that kind of courage.I wish i can met ger again,i wish i can talk to her,i wish i can be friends with her,i wish i can be with ger forever in my life.

I wish i can be with her always and grow up with her.

  • This is not a real life story this is only fictional✌️.I hope you like my story😅

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Written by   45
7 months ago
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Aba aba, gumaganyan kana din ha. Naysuuu uan bata, tuloy mo lang.

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7 months ago