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ParrotCash Token Transparency

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9 months ago

Information regarding PCH creation date Genesis block links to token the 5 wallets displayed listed in order 1-5
With the first wallet being unlock information about where tokens were sent and for what purpose.

Genesis Transaction

PCH Token Id
Version Type 1
Name ParrotCash
Symbol PCH
Timestamp 12/1/2020, 9:26:28 PM
Decimals 2
Document URI


Block Created 664001
Minting Baton Status Dead Ended
Valid Txns Since Genesis 6
Valid Token UTXOs 5
Valid Token Addresses 5
Satoshis Locked Up 2,730
Tokens Minted 500,000,000
Tokens Burned 0
Circulating Supply 500,000,000

Address Token Balance
1. simpleledger:pqccd5n2kckeazzj2j2dqswr76szcxufsqj8rx4xv5 100,000,000
2. simpleledger:pq7y5d87qv2z2kqfd5n2xdmnjaj89f43yussmu4xgx 100,000,000
3. simpleledger:pra8sj278eqjuel4v3frtnx283hnwl34y5zz95d7g9 100,000,000
4. simpleledger:pr79gd8tfvv2hnljgjxw6tpnspncenz6dqf4jyxzrj 100,000,000
5. simpleledger:pqgylke6vgh40u2e2cntllygdadyzf847vsjr22svc 100,000,000
5 wallets displayed listed in order 1-5

SLP tokens held in a 3-way Multisig wallet that requires all 3 to sign the transaction

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Written by   3
9 months ago
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