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Don’t be suicidal, wait for tomorrow.

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1 year ago

Don’t be suicidal, wait for tomorrow. I kept telling myself this over and over because my emotions took over my brain. 

Why tomorrow?

Something different happens every new day, you don’t know what to expect and it is never like the day before it is never the same. What might seem like your whole world is destroyed becomes your blessing in disguise the next day. I had a year of endless horror day in and day out mainly due to my actions and negative feelings about myself, but recently my life is better than ever before.  

Can we control our feelings?

I don’t know, they’re just so overwhelming. You literally lose yourself in the moment and no matter how much you tell yourself not to do it again, boom you do it again. 

But I believe you can control it by telling yourself you can control it, and when you feel like you can’t wait until tomorrow, that’s what I did because it felt embarrassing having people watch me cry even worse watching myself cry, the emotions are just too powerful at times. 

Do you love yourself? 

I moved from hating myself to loving myself because I stopped trying to fit in. Shame that I learned it at a late stage in my life. Trying to speak as they speak or do what they do when you don’t specifically like it is inner torture and overdoing what you like is a bit embarrassing. Finding a balance is sort of a key to many aspects. Balance in relationships, balance in finance, balance in everything is required that’s my opinion.  

What if there’s a horrible afterlife with no return?

Think about it, there are so many reports of people witnessing an afterlife, some even coming back from the dead. Religious believes describes a dimension from which you enter in death and never return to any normal life of ice-cream and kisses. What if that world is real but horrible and you are bound to the worse regret of your existence. 

Final thoughts,

Some people were nothing and nobody to society. Now they are remembered as life changers and heroes. There were drug addicts with no potential becoming role models. 

The bottom line is that the future can be whatever you work hard towards, everything is hard until you succeed just hold on. 

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Written by   15
1 year ago
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