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The "BIG BLOCKS" Side Was Right About EVERYTHING

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7 months ago

The BTC side finally begins to realize the network (main chain and sidechains) is incapable of achieving global adoption.

It seems that finally, the BTC maximalists figured out they can’t support small blocks forever.

The short-sightedness is remarkable in this easily manipulated by a few sockpuppet influencers crowd, supportive of any decisions dictated by Blockstream developers.

The maximalists only recognized that the viability of BTC was in trouble after the price caused concerns.

As the price of BTC dropped to $20,000 (entering the 2017 range), the sentiment changed, with doubts and worries rising again.

LN failed miserably, even when enforced at gunpoint with custodial wallets in El Salvador, and once again, the Bitcoin Cash criticism was correct.

Bitcoin Cash Was Right About Everything

(source: Twitter)

As mentioned in a previous article(Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction For 2025 — Will This Time Be Different?), considering the chances of Bitcoin (BTC) and far it can grow after the fourth halving, the odds of achieving anything significant are slim in the long run.

Maximalists worry Bitcoin (BTC) is one step from losing its leading position and get replaced by better networks.

How can anyone feel enthusiastic about BTC’s achievements when the price has already dropped to levels of the previous cycle (2017)?

The BTC community glorifies price. Its decision process is based on the price action of BTC.

Nothing else drives this community but achieving a higher price for BTC using any means possible.

Does anyone think they are not concerned about watching all the price prediction models failing one after another?

Yet, back in 2015, the BTC side crippled the chances of Bitcoin achieving this price by not listening to the “big blockers” side.

Bitcoin today would have been united, achieving scalability and adoption as digital money, competitive with banking POS/E-commerce and Paypal networks, removing the middle man, reducing the cost of transactions, and increasing economic freedom and self-sovereignty for everyone.

Instead, it became an option for a small elite and tech-savvy individuals guided by speculation.

Instead, it stagnated, blocked access to universal adoption as money, and focused on a vague narrative.

Maxis massively marketed BTC, convincing Wall Street to invest in a highly speculative asset by promoting it as a Store of Value or a hedge against inflation and other unfavorable economic events.

Highly reputable entrepreneurs like Musk and Mark Cuban immediately realized BTC was nothing else but a gamble.

Musk bought Bitcoin (BTC) for PR reasons and moved on to support Doge instead, demonstrating the inability of BTC to accomplish anything beneficial to the public in its current form.

Sometimes it takes decades to realize the inherent flaws of a decision that limits the potential of a groundbreaking network.

A second blocksize debate will rise, since seven years later, part of the BTC (current) community realizes the price will not move higher with a SoV narrative, proving the Bitcoin Cash side was correct about everything.

Bitcoin Cash is a community of pioneers ahead of the pack having proven Bitcoin scales perfectly onchain.

Lightning has failed, and the only way for the BTC side to sustain it is by increasing the blocksize. LN was nothing else but a Paypal 2.0.

History will decide, not the current market speculation or the one-sided leverage of resources.

Price Does Not Go Up With Fake Narratives and Conflicting Perspectives

(image by "geralt" on Pixabay, modified)

For how long can narrow-mindedness last?

For as long as the “price goes up”.

Yet, this time, Bitcoin (BTC) found a ceiling lower than the maximalists’ expectations.

The falsehood of the narratives was apparent to the public, and the Lightning Network failed as a second layer since the main chain was already crippled beyond repair.

Everything changes in 2022.

The sentiment is now FEAR.

Fear of becoming irrelevant and overthrown from the market-leading position by better networks, those that work flawlessly, having proven they act towards achieving global adoption as P2P Electronic Cash.

Today, maximalists observe the charts and watch BTC having no purpose and no actual interest besides its glorification by a network of bots and shills on Twitter and Reddit.

Certainly, nobody was thinking this through when calling Bitcoin Cash bcash, having found the enemy the public always needs to locate in every situation.

For five years, Bitcoin Cash was the scapegoat for BTC maximalists. They suppressed it in the news and manipulated the BCH price in exchanges, shorting it with fake USDT, even at a loss.

With their overwhelming resources, maximalists reduced Bitcoin Cash to the 25th position in the market cap indexes and will try to push it lower. It is all about the price for the maximalists since they assume this is the only indicator of success.

And now, BTC fails miserably as the market decided their previous decisions were disastrous.

Bitcoin (BTC) will become irrelevant since there is no turning point. It will keep losing its market share, and eventually, the market will decide that ROBUST decentralized networks like BITCOIN CASH are the future of e-commerce and in-store payments.

The overwhelming resources of the BTC maximalist regime decrease, perhaps to a point investors will completely abandon it.

Has the market decided to abandon BTC?

From now on, anything that happens with BTC, its community, price, and developments will only be long-term positive for Bitcoin Cash.

The Bitcoin Cash side was right about everything so far, and it takes a long time for most maximalists to realize they supported the wrong side of events.

In Conclusion

(image by "geralt" on Pixabay, modified)

Bitcoin Cash makes a strong and convincing argument considering global adoption as P2P Electronic Cash.

The vision of the whitepaper is strong only in Bitcoin Cash today, whereas the BTC side (since 2015) initiated a massive campaign to present BTC as an asset related to gold and sell it to Wall Street as a vehicle for high-risk exposure in cryptocurrency.

Multiple ETFs were presented, accepted, and running in the stock markets, yet all interest faded away as BTC did not convince anyone it could stand out as a Store of Value with just 14 years of existence.

It takes more decades, perhaps centuries, to reach the status gold has achieved.

Bitcoin Cash exists today as better money enabling the swap from the legacy financial environment for trustless, permissionless, and censorship-resistant universal P2P cash.

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Written by   1395
7 months ago
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We all do hope for the bester side of Bitcoincash. At least soon

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7 months ago

I know crypto and began to explore it in 2017, at that time I read and watched some videos that told some investors had the biggest failure because the price of btc fell, at first I didn't know about the market and so on but I became very surprised when I saw some information about some of the arguments that explain that some investors don't believe in bitcoin anymore and they start to leave it even some are depressed and end their lives because of this case even though this news I don't know the actual reality that happened in the field but from this story I give an indication that bitcoin has mental decline from some investors and over time until now I'm starting to understand about crypto. Exactly what you said my doubts the market crash reminded me of 2017, will this happen again? I also don't know but from the reality that is happening right now it might happen.

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7 months ago

Wala ako masyado idea about bitcoin cash pero gusto ko talaga matuto,nagbabasa muna ako sa mga article about crypto kapag may free time ako madami kasing ganap sa buhay.

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7 months ago

Glad to know at least someone said good things about Bitcoin cash it will be great if the time is coming when we use BCH as an online shopping payment method

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7 months ago