r/cryptocurrency: Rotten To The Core

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It can be phased in, like:

if (blocknumber > 115000)

maxblocksize = largerlimit

It can start being in versions way ahead,
so by the time it reaches that block number and goes into effect,
the older versions that don’t have it are already obsolete.

- Satoshi Nakamoto (bitcointalk - 2010)

The above phrase signifies the core of the blocksize debate.

Satoshi explained how a spam filter he imposed should have changed in later Bitcoin versions to increase scalability.

Bitcoin Cash is the Bitcoin that upgraded according to what its founder and the community wanted.

Cryptocurrency subreddits have had a long history of suppressing news and opinions regarding Bitcoin since the beginning of the block size debate.

r/bitcoin is a subreddit controlled by a single person by the alias Theymos (also in control of bitcointalk, and previously bitcoin.org).

Censorship during the blocksize debate is not the topic of this article but is necessary as an introduction.

Anyone interested can find multiple sources explaining the events of censorship that occurred during the blocksize debate. A great starting point is here:

Another case of blatant censorship and disinformation on Reddit presents the subreddit r/cryptocurrency.

With this article, we will partially examine how this subreddit operates.

Unwarranted Removal of Content - Normative Conformity

Deny what you see and submit to the group's pressure.

Sometimes we go along with a group because what they say convinces us they are right. This is called informational conformity.

But sometimes we can form because we are apprehensive that the group will disapprove if we are deviant. This is called normative conformity.

r/cryptocurrency is a subreddit that creates the illusion of rightfulness by following a set of rules admins can bend at will and proceed with censoring content according to personal preferences.

Moderators of r/cryptocurrency are abusing free speech by often removing posts without a clear justification while at the same time directing discussion into topics fitting this group's agenda.

Once a topic becomes "hot" but also challenges the agenda of this group of moderators, it gets removed.

A force that severely influences investing decisions

r/cryptocurrency is supposed to be an educative tool but seems like a market manipulation tool instead.

It is widely suspected that r/cryptocurrency removes content according to the individual preferences of the moderators (content not deemed fitting the narrative, admins' goals, and investment preferences of the moderators).

This group of Reddit moderators targets and eliminates from the subforum opinions, questions, or informative posts, the same moderators find to be a threat to their interests.

This subreddit is brainwashing newcomers in the crypto field, leaving them no choice but to follow the mainstream r/cryptocurrency narratives and adjust to the group's positions.

A clear case of free speech violation was the latest deletion of a smartBCH post by Cheap Lightning submitted at r/cryptocurrency.

An action that make many wonder what are moderators of r/cryptocurrency accomplishing? 


The moderators of r/cryptocurrency had to twist the rules to find a reason to remove the above content since it was getting alarmingly high numbers of views and upvotes.

So, they came up with a ridiculous excuse to permanently ban this user from the subreddit they operate. According to the mods of this Reddit subforum, it is forbidden to publish a Reddit link of your post anywhere else. 

Does that make sense?

This video demonstrates the actual purpose of this subreddit:

As the experiment suggests:

Once unanimity is punctured, the group's power is greatly reduced.

And this is where censorship applies by the mods of this group.

When a topic is considered controversial by r/cryptocurrency admins and begins trending while questioning the mainstream narrative, it gets difficult for them to handle or steer the conversation into another focal point with arguments or dialogue.

In this case, the reason was smartBCH. There was nothing controversial in this post, just a question to create engagement on a strong topic of EVM compatible networks as the title explains.

r/cryptocurrency admins though are biased against Bitcoin Cash and anything it represents. SmartBCH is not going to be discussed in this subreddit.

The mods will simply delete the content, limiting the spread of awareness that challenges the established narratives this subforum represents once a smartBCH or Bitcoin Cash topic starts trending.

Moreover, they will likely permanently ban the user who published this content as an exemplary punishment.

r/cryptocurrency does not tolerate forming your own opinion and beliefs.

r/cryptocurrency admins will remove content that may include discussions on anything about Bitcoin CashsmartBCH, or the blocksize debate unless the post presents a negative case for Bitcoin Cash.

There is no Reddit post regarding Bitcoin Cash that reached the main page of "hot" topics in this subreddit.

These posts are immediately removed the moment they start spreading.

Besides Bitcoin Cash, this subforum supports censorship of logical arguments questioning narratives the subforum supports extensively in favor of certain crypto investments.


Two points on this random post I've encountered before:

i) There weren't any posts about Dogecoin fees at that point in the top-50.
ii) The notification claims this was an automated process, but as expected it wasn't:


Why was this post removed, though? Probably, because the price of Dogecoin in April 2021 was rising parabolically, and the guideline was to keep pushing the price higher.

Doge, though, was going to collapse and r/cryptocurrency had to suppress this fundamental (and negative) event as it did not want its users to be aware of Doge having issues.

We can find multiple (perhaps thousands of) similar instances at r/cryptocurrency.

All these incidents lead Reddit users to believe the moderators of this subreddit are acting biased and abusing their position by deciding which posts to promote depending on their portfolio and sponsors

In Conclusion

Thank you for the content r/cryptocurrency.

The ability of your admins to achieve personal wealth at the expense of informing the public is unquestionable. Censoring opinions and disinforming the public is similar to what the legacy financial system practices for centuries.

Your honesty and integrity are in question. Moderators, behaving as juvenile as the Bitconnect or Onecoin shills, offending within personal messages, abusing honest users asking questions, and distorting reality.

Between 2020 and 2021, 100 million new cryptocurrency users and investors appeared, having limited knowledge of the field.

They expect to find a practical and sound approach through the established channels of information, but they are thrown to the wolves instead by this subreddit.

r/cryptocurrency proceeds with an agenda of manipulating the public opinion, distorting the truth, and enhancing strong regulation narratives (custodial wallets, KYC), as the new high priest of BTC suggests (Saylor).

r/cryptocurrency promotes the annihilation of cryptocurrencies and their submission to competition (the financial establishment). r/cryptocurrency is another tool of financial propaganda infiltrated by this competition.

Lead Image by Taylor Wilcox on Unsplash (modified)


The article ends here, as there is no point in further analyzing the policy of r/cryptocurrency. It is yet another tool of the crypto new order, promoting regulations, KYC enforcement, custodial wallets, censorship, and handing over cryptocurrency to the legacy financial regime to dismantle it slowly.

Now, in case the mods and admins of r/cryptocurrency feelings are hurt by what is written here, they are always free to join read.cash and present their case by commenting on this post.

I am willing to have dialogue without censorship and listen to their concerns in a place free from their manipulation. It is neutral ground, one beyond the reach of agenda-driven moderation.

Mods of r/cryptocurrency can explain where my article is wrong, and we can have constructive dialogue that will lead to understanding each other better. I doubt this was ever the intention of any mod on r/cryptocurrency though therefore I don't hold any such expectations.

Start your Bitcoin education here:

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1 year ago


Love the conclusion. Very well analysed and expressed.

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1 year ago

In many ways, being on platforms such as this one, and I am sure there are others, helps to at least keep and set the record straight. There are too many people on many of the social media sites out there that simply want to carry a narrative rather than have an actual discussion, spreading only the truths they believe to be true and only carrying information they feel is the right information.

It is the one major issue I have with MOST social media these days, and I think it puts all of us on a VERY dangerous path when only a handful of people control information flow.

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1 year ago

Sounds like the same technique is used by political leaders to brainwash their followers. I used to wonder why it's not easy to find articles about BCH. And some people I talked with about BCH, believed BCH is a scam. And I can't understand why do they think that way.

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1 year ago

Now you do understand?

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1 year ago

I totally agree with you, I'm a bit of a "stalker" on there...I don't engage but read a lot. The opinions frustrate me and I feel as though any time something is different to whatever narrative they want to push, it gets deleted. Great write up on this, I hope many people see it so they can actually gain some knowledge!

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1 year ago

I used to like r/cryptocurrency and I made a decent amount of moons. But the place was corrupted and people removed good articles for no reason and too many people were just moon mining by making shit comments. Sold my moons, made a decent amount of money on it and got out of there.

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1 year ago

Oh, that's right. I totally forgot about the moons. Maybe this was another reason this subforum became such a joke.

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1 year ago

What's the essence of a platform that claims to be for the people but ends up misleading the people, shutting down others for their interests.

It is too bad, I never really fancied Reddit. I hope the people they have misled discover the truth just like you.

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1 year ago

Kain talked about a subreddit banning the word "SmartBCH" yesterday. I don't know if it's r/cryptocurrency or not but things like this is against the right to freedom of speech.

Censoring certain topics simply because it isn’t the coin you're into is wrong. If Bitcoincash isn't a threat to their "bitcoin", then there's no need to filter things written about it.

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1 year ago