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Longevity Market - Invest in Modern Biotechnology

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Longevity is the extension of the duration of life expectancy. With the current technological and medical progress, we expect the average lifespan to keep extending at a higher rate.

Anti-aging is often attributed next to longevity research. It has a similar basis as longevity, the core of this research is to reduce the aging of cells and decrease the effect of aging.

Lately, there is a lot of research in both these fields by biotech and medicine organizations. Moreover, investors' interest is not at its peak yet for the selected market section, but instead, this looks like the awareness phase of a great investing opportunity.

Stem cells, gene research, tissue regeneration, and various other techniques and medications are being researched and will eventually provide breakthrough results aiming to significantly increase the average life of our species and decrease the aging process.

This niche in the medical industry can turn into a great opportunity. It is still very young as a market and the risk is higher, but the rewards mean we should be considering this market in our investing strategy.

Longevity As Part Of Our Investing Portfolio - Longevity Marcetcap Logo

Longevity and Anti-Aging biotechnology is a medical field still raw and unexplored. It is also expected to become part of our daily lives and the advancements of this technology will permanently shape human nature.

This website (LongevityMarketCap) is very similar to coinmarketcap and presents the top companies in the field in an index sorted by market cap.

Investors can find these stocks listed in retail online exchanges and applications such as Robinhood, e-Toro, and of course through traditional banking investment and trading desks.

Of course, marketing and promotional activities are important in this field and the "Longevity Marketcap" website is providing details and extra information about each company and its stock.

Grifols is a Spanish, multinational pharmaceutical that runs 16 manufacturing plants and operates in more than 100 countries.


Image Source: Free Download from Pixabay (by Geralt)

It has a wide variety of services ranging from disease detection solutions to providing medicine, nutrition, and devices to hospitals.

A big part of this business though is allocated in Bioscience, life-science research, with the cultivation of plasma and pharma material that is used for longevity and anti-aging research.

Most corporations in this list have a diversified scope of operations and may not be completely targeting this market niche but have diversified products to reduce risk and expand into more opportunities.

However, some are focused solely on life-extension and anti-aging products and perform research exclusively in this field.

The longevity marketcap website has currently 25 public listed companies in its index and some of them seem to be very low valuated with enough potential to exceed the market average.

Fundamental analysis in the field is important to select those that seem to have the best business model and moving towards expanding their operations, while profitability and indicators like P/E are also very important when selecting a basket of stocks.

  • Unity Biotechnology (UBX) is an American Biotech organization, based in San Fransisco, and focused on the field of reversing diseases linked to the aging of cells.

Source: Nasdaq


Alector is also an American corporation, with its headquarters in San Francisco, and is aiming to reduce the effects of diseases associated with dementia like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Our mission is to eliminate neurodegeneration through immuno-neurology.

These are three of the 25 companies listed on and presented shortly as a sample of what we can find in this index.


Image from: Pixabay (free download, by MichaelGaida)

Many of the companies in this field will have the opportunity to expand their operations and research and eventually develop methods that could help our race reach better living conditions.

Any technology that could be a giant leap towards improving conditions of human nature should not be overlooked and investment funds could soon see a surge into this field.

It is a long-term investment, not something that will bring results immediately. Investing in a basket of these stocks though has a very high probability of returning considerable profits since it is still at a very early stage.

While I can't give definite financial advice on the percentage of portfolio allocation in this section of the market, I still feel that an allocation of ~10% will bring exceptional returns in the long run (five or more years).

It is still a very young market with high potential for growth, one that investors are probably overlooking for the time being. It could be the best time to buy in this market since it is expected to have a huge impact on billions around the world in the following decades.



Lead Image: Free Download from Pixabay by Geralt


Quite often I find some amazing information in my bookmarks that I may have saved even years ago and completely forgotten about them.

I don't remember where I got this information on Longevity but when I clicked the bookmark a whole new world of potential appeared in front of me. Possibly someone on Read Cash recommended it. I am often bookmarking recommendations for later research and reference. Maybe it was Cryptomax or perhaps Marc De Mesel that recommended this market niche.

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Written by   772
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