GODLIKE Economist Nouriel Roubini CELEBRATES The COLLAPSE Of Cryptocurrency!

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9 months ago

Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

World renowned economist Dr. Doom, Nouriel Roubini, was spotted again on Twitter, celebrating his predictions about the crypto market and condemning crypto enthusiasts with insulting remarks.

Our beloved crypto sceptic and CBDC-evangelist Nouriel Roubini predicted the bubble pop of 2022!

Roubini delivered the final blow to the weak financial structures of decentralized cryptocurrencies with a series of Tweets, as clearly there is nothing else troubling our economies these days.

Nobody expected the crypto market to crash after reaching two trillion dollars from the mere $200 billion total market cap of 2018, but Roubini!

It has not happened before, so apparently, the crypto collapse shocked everyone except Nouriel.

With His divine presence and omniscience, the modern Sibyl from the Oracle of Delphi predicted the 2022 cryptocurrency collapse while we were all expecting the market to keep rising eternally.

We dive into the teachings of this celestial figure and examine in depth the wisdom of His Word, ushering us into true enlightenment.

The Mastermind Economist Strikes Again

That’s right, everyone.

Nouriel told us so! We never listen!

He was right, and we were wrong.

We can only admit defeat and pledge loyalty to the legacy financial establishment.

The almighty economist kept warning us about cryptocurrency for many years.

We never listened, so we deserve the accurate characterizations: “sleazebags, shitcoiners, and lunatics”.

Who are we to question our Lord of Finance?

We should worship fiat currencies instead of succumbing to thoughts of economic freedom.

Clearly, the dollar is doing just fine:


A slight inconvenience is the fact that in just two decades USD lost 50% of its purchasing power.

But perhaps it is our financial illiteracy that forces us to misunderstand these insignificant details.

We move on without thinking about our purchasing power too much.

We shouldn’t distract our brains but focus on the modern wickedness, cryptocurrency!

The focal point is the evil Satoshi unleashed with Bitcoin aiming to challenge the monetary hegemony.

But first, we need to praise our Lord and Savior, Nouriel some more.

2022 wasn’t the first time Roubini attempted to illuminate our inner dark matter with his wisdom and protect the naive plebs that make up the cryptocurrency fanbase.

Roubini Debates ROGER VER (2018)

Our beloved Guardian Angel Nouriel warned us (once again) in 2019 about cryptocurrency when he was popping the champagne at the bottom of the 2018–2019 bear market and even joined a crypto convention to express his frustrations over our mindless financial behavior.

And He was right, again!

Let’s watch how Nouriel Roubini CRASHES Roger Ver in a debate in 2019 with solid arguments!

Well, that didn’t turn out well for Nouriel, either.

Apparently, Roger Ver ANNIHILATED Nouriel Roubini in this debate, but even demigods can have a bad day, right?

Better move on again, as we have more stories of Nouriel’s transcendental experience to explore.

Dump Your Cryptocurrency, Move Into CBDCs

There’s no doubt that Roubini understands cryptocurrency to its full extent.

He realizes economic freedom as a threat to the legacy financial establishment and evangelizes the Central Bank’s narrative of money.

A vision to keep money in a centralized controllable form and slowly transform it into a tool of financial authoritarianism with CBDCs.

In case anyone hasn’t figured this out yet, Nouriel is a prominent proponent of CBDCs.

The concept of CBDCs is financial authoritarianism, with totalitarian control of the money of the digital age, at the hands of Central Banks to enforce policies and censor at will.

In line with WEF’s objectives:

“You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy”

CBDCs deliver the enforcement tool to make this dire scenario feasible:

Closing Thoughts

Nouriel “perfectly” “predicted” the 2008 economic meltdown and became renowned as Dr. Doom.

Yet, someone else who wasn’t a theoretical professor still predicted the financial meltdown and put his money where his mouth was.

Michael Burry shorted the financial monstrosity (the 2008 economy) and won big.

It appears Roubini talks the talk but does not walk the walk.

Nouriel, after 2008, kept predicting for 14 years how a new financial collapse was right around the corner.

Eventually, the market will enter another recession, since this is how markets work.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Yet, we shouldn’t forget how Central Banks initiated the recession we are about to experience.

The advance of technology was bringing another decade of massive growth, but the Central Banks halted it with extreme manipulation of the centralized fiat-based monetary system.

As plebs that maintain our support in cryptocurrency, even when everything around us collapses, we can also offer predictions, though:
Crypto will recover. Hopefully, the global economy will not enter a recession. If it does, it will change nothing for cryptocurrency.

The next wave of crypto adoption will transform hundreds of millions of investors into users.

By 2025, Nouriel will be there again, telling us how the $10 trillion market is a scam and how lunatics only use cryptocurrency.

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9 months ago


Isn't this one of your indicators in your previous post? Was this already on the 8 indicators that already came true or this is the 9th? I guess we are getting closer than I thought!

Anyway, given his nickname, I think this image is more appropriate instead of using Ironman


On the otherhand, I'm not sure if a lot of people would recognize Dr. Victor Von Doom since he is yet to make an appearance in the MCU hehe

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Nuriel is not an indicator. He just talks all the time against crypto and in favor of banks and CBDCs. Also I remember him trying to repeat his prediction of a new recession for many years but failing massively.

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Awww... Seems like he's one of those fortune tellers that hit one right out of a hundred predictions and would then say "I told you so",,,

As for the 99 misses, would simply say, "the future is not fixed" or something. hehe.

$ 0.00
9 months ago

On my point of view even they are expert to predict sometimes they will failed, im still believe that there is a recovery in every aspect, the best thing we do is to keep believe even we see a lot of downside of crypto now adays and dont lose hope

$ 0.00
9 months ago

I just found out the name Nouriel Roubini. Oh, there's a great conversation in there with Rogerkver. I'll take a look.

$ 0.00
9 months ago