BTC Becomes the Middleman we Wanted to Cut Out

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1 year ago
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A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.

- The Whitepaper, Satoshi Nakamoto (

I noticed lately a shift of interest and narratives concerning the path BTC is taking, and the usual suspects, the BTC influencers going into reverse. It started with Jack Dorsey, that self-positioned himself as someone whose opinion matters in the Cryptocurrency community.

BTC maximalists are once again making a u-turn with their narrative and trying to push Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method again.

Except for the fact this tactic is wrong, since BTC will never succeed as a payments method, it also creates fundamental confusion to the core of its investors.

Maybe the BTC maximalists now understand the world didn’t care for an asset that had a vague narrative of taking over gold.

What we demanded from a digital currency was instant and feeless transactions in an uncensorable and immutable environment.

Although, the payments method BTC is currently developing (Lightning Network) seems to be completely against everything Bitcoin was created to fight.

Bitcoin was a revolution that was cutting out banks and governments from the payments equation. This revolution still exists today, but not with the path BTC is taking.

BTC has Offered Only Stagnation

Image from Pixabay

It is two things BTC maximalists have achieved:

  • Delaying adoption and stalling innovation by misleading the public

  • Support for the financial establishment by increasing censorship and reducing financial freedom.

Permissionless? Gone.

Uncensorable? Gone.

With BTC you can't send money to anyone in the world, any time you want because:

i) The blockchain fees will not allow you to

ii) To avoid fees, you use layer-2 networks

iii) You will have to use custodial and centralized wallets running on top of layer-2 BTC networks (LN, Liquid, etc) once again to avoid fees of opening and closing layer-2 channels.

This way, Bitcoin, instead of cutting the middle-man, it becomes just another third party in the traditional financial system.

Any consumer with the slightest financial knowledge would prefer the convenience of the banking payments network instead of having to deal with a complex, inflexible, and equally centralized network.

From "Mass Adoption is Overrated", Back to "Bitcoin for the Masses"!

This used to be the central thesis coming from the BTC side. Since 2013, the scaling debate started and ended with the Blockstream side winning the argument and effectively hijacking the Bitcoin brand name.

Since then, the narrative has shifted for Bitcoin becoming “digital gold” and focusing on the wealth of Wall Street.

BTC didn’t scale on-chain, while Bitcoin Cash offers today an extremely efficient network sacrificing nothing in the process. Bitcoin Cash just developed while BTC was stagnating.

While Bitcoin Cash clearly explains the actual issues and how the BCH chain proceeded with scaling, the BTC notorious media are using Goebbels’ tactics to hide the failures of Bitcoin Core.

These lies, though, don’t work anymore. The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem with platforms like Noise Cash, and hundreds of thousands of users, has proven to the Cryptocurrency community how Bitcoin Cash is scaling on-chain and keeps increasing its user base.

There are no custodial wallets, no KYC, no censorship of transactions, but immutability, decentralization, and financial freedom.

Bitcoin Cash represents everything Bitcoin stands for. Financial Freedom.

The Lightning Network is not a remedy for BTC failures

Source of image: Pinterest

The BTC narratives can rapidly change and we observe lately some kind of promotional activity in the crypto media for BTC becoming (again) a method of payments.

BTC will try to achieve this using the Lightning Network with third parties, with the top one being Strike. This is the custodial payments option to use the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The rest of LN wallets don’t seem to help the cause of BTC as a payments method either.

The blockchain fees will always haunt BTC since opening or closing LN channels require on-chain transactions.

In case someone wants to use the Lightning Network during times of network congestion, the advice from BTC users is to wait for miners’ fees to go lower. It may take months before fees are at an acceptable level again and this will also mean that nobody is transacting on-chain.

How can you use BTC with the Lightning Network without having to pay outrageous fees during times of congestion? How can you top up an LN wallet without having to pay $50-$100 fees?

You could use custodial lightning wallets or strike. 

Source: Reddit

People tend to think they have to be non-custodial all the way but like you said, what's the point in paying a 10$ fee to create a 50$ payment channel.

Source: Reddit

This is how BTC maxis view payments networks and financial freedom. They don’t plan to replace the traditional banking system with something better, but with a more complex and inefficient process.

This is also why BTC will completely fail as a payments method with second layers and custodial services.

It is well known that cutting out third parties and removing the middleman increases efficiency and reduces cost. They got it all wrong and try to convince us we need KYC and regulations and we need the banks and the financial centralization. Michael Saylor is on a campaign to convince everyone about the merits of applying KYC and custodial mechanisms in cryptocurrency.

BTC Core has completely lost its purpose with such a reversal in its narrative.

Nobody seriously believed BTC will become digital gold, and once the narrative started having a lesser appeal to investors, they switched again back to payments and back with the Lightning Network narrative.

Using the custodial LN services:

You can use a credit card to buy BTC through a custodial wallet that will probably also require KYC and then use this custodial wallet to transact with BTC inside the Lightning Network.

How many extra steps does this option require and why will anyone not use the credit/debit card instead of BTC Lightning?

Buying with a bank card:

1) Call your bank or use e-banking to ask for one. In a couple of days, it will be delivered to your door. Even bank cards are an obsolete system today since all banks offer now mobile wallets with contactless technology integrated.

2) Use your card or your mobile bank wallet for payments.

  • Bank fees are zero for the consumer for 99% of transactions.

  • Transactions are instant.

  • The payment is not direct; the bank usually deposits the money the following day.

  • Merchants pay for the Visa/Mastercard/AMEX fees

To use the Lightning Network without having to open and close channels and wait for a moment of low blockchain fees to do that, you will require all the above steps first. Since the custodial services are based on the option that users will buy Bitcoin LN using their debit/credit cards.

Bitcoin (BTC) with the Lightning Network becomes the middleman it was supposed to be cutting out.


Source of image: (modified)

The Bitcoin Lightning Network is just a third party inside the banking network system.

BTC with the Lightning Network becomes nothing else but a pointless third party, another middleman in the transactions equation. It requires custodial wallets to work properly (cheap and fast) and creates an additional step in the payments process that nobody will ever select to use, since it doesn’t even offer any of the unique Bitcoin features.

Using the Lightning Network doesn’t offer independence from banks. It just replaces banks with other centralized financial entities.

Bitcoin Cash is the way out of all of this absurdity. We don’t expect maximalists to change their mind and stop censoring and lying on the BTC-infested media, but we expect the BCH user base to keep increasing.

Second-layers are important for further financial developments, but only when the main chain works properly. Creating a second layer on a problematic first layer will not solve the fundamental scaling issues or the stagnation of development.



Lead Image From: Pexels, by Expect Best

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1 year ago
Topics: BTC, Bitcoin, Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Finance, ...


Great article. The title nails it . Here is what bothers me ; Do you all know the Golden Rule? If you don't I'll fill you in now . There is an old saying that goes : He who has the Gold , makes the rules .

Bitcoin's PoW ( Proof of Work ) on-chain governance is no different than a Democratic State where the mob rules . It is a 51/50 system where whoever has the most money can control the network . In this case the mob isn't your friend, and they have all the Gold . That is why if you are in cryptocurrency to get rich you should start looking at the new tech . Ethereums PoS model has the same cons , but they are trying to at least fix it , and we actually have a face to look at in Vitalik Buterin. Let's ask Satoshi how we can get Bitcoin back on track..... Oh wait, that's right....

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1 year ago

I agree with all you posted and learned a couple of things. I used to listen to BitBoy Crypto on Odysee, but he's about as truthful as a politician.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

The more I learn about other cryptocurrencies, the more I understand that BTC is far from perfect. Maybe as a short term investment for a few years, that could be good. But when I see the number of useful applications built on other crypto, I reazlize that the long future is after them all. The thing that not enough people in the world know about cryptocurrencies, they hear only about BTC and they don't want to dig deeper. But with time, more and more people will learn about that and the situation may change a lot. We will remember BTC as the father that was so powerful. And the kids will rule after. ☺

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1 year ago

A lot of crypto investors are roaming in the dark irrespective of how much they are brought because they are obsessed with the wrong information they live on, inability to make research before investing and how they have been brainwashed.

Just like many people, I was adamant about Bitcoin because the only thing I knew was how it turned it thousands of dollars from nothing. I was talking to someone recently about BCH and he said he will never try crypto again, I asked why and he said it is nonsense, the Bitcoin he bought ended up as nothing because he didn't even get the money used in purchasing it.

People have been fooled and I have concluded that Bitcoin is not for everyone, it belongs to people who want to use it to control the world in the nearest future but I don't know if it was the original plan or it was hijacked. The good thing is that we have a coin that belongs to everyone and can solve the problems we are struggling with at banks and with Bitcoin.

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1 year ago

Those of us that we were not in Bitcoin since the early days, we were all misinformed and lied upon what Bitcoin was about and what it turned out to be. It takes time and we find in the process. BCH is Bitcoin for this is what it was supposed to be. Unite the world and give access to the modern finances to everyone.

BTC excludes effectively 95% of the world today with fees even at $5. Blockstream didn't want to develope BTC and the devs at Bitcoin Core are mostly under its payroll. Blockstream paid these devs to stagnate BTC so it could promote Liquid and Lightning.

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1 year ago

Too bad, I am glad it wasn't late for I knew the truth.

I don't know if you ever heard about Uptrennd, their coin 1UP works on Etherium blockchain. When the platform was about to crash, I attempted to dump my coin but I was too broke to afford about $50 for just $1k + of 1UP, and for that reason, I lost all my coins.

When I discovered BCH I wish Uptrennd used BCH then because I wouldn't have lost everything I worked hard for while writing over 500 articles.

In a nutshell, our eyes are open to the truth and it would give us the freedom we are craving for except for those who still choose to follow blindly.

$ 0.05
1 year ago

Oh, that was a lot of work you'd put there. I know of Uptrennd, never used it, but I had visited it sometimes when it was active.
The guys behind it were not too honest though, and shifted focus to some DeFi project.

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1 year ago

I can't believe Maxis is backing away from their Store of Value and Digital Gold fairy tale. The cultists will not be able to cope.

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1 year ago

Hi buddy.

Thanks for updating the plans that the maximalists have for BTC. As you say, BTC has become the intermediary that they wanted to eliminate. And the worst thing is that it is underpinned by the Tether making the cryptocurrency market in general vulnerable.

So I see that in the end, BCH and those cryptos that follow Nakamoto's original purpose will prevail despite the traction effect of the BTC-Tether duo when they collapse.

$ 0.10
1 year ago

It will take time but I don't see a reason for BTC or Tether not to collapse. I'm 100% convinced both are only stalling the inevitable, especially Tether that is just a scam.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

It will take time but I don't see a reason for BTC or Tether not to collapse. I'm 100% convinced both are only stalling the inevitable, especially Tether that is just a scam.

You are right, my friend. The market will not collapse as a result of this strategy propped up in a scam. I believe in the controlled demolition that they are trying to do in favor of the rise of central bank digital currencies.

As I say, we live in interesting times. I am optimistic despite everything.

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1 year ago

I'm also a shearer of the same ugly experience of a person who was properly decurved into believing that bitcoin was not gonna become what it is especially as it came on at a time there far too many fraudulent money exchanges like the ponzi schemes and all that. We were deceived, yes we were and that led to a lack of investment plans over time but with the current situation now especially as it relates to the bitcoin being a peer to peer form of transacting even in many economies of the world including the super power ones, we can then say that for sure, its future is well and more than well assured. I'd lo e to see more of the positive aspects of it in later days to come. Great article!

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1 year ago

That twitter reply tho lol. Mass adaption is the main reason cryptocurrency is growing at the crazy rate that it is. Some "Maximalist" or better called elitists are just pure nonsense. They are no difference that the rulers on top of the economic pyramid that we are trying to topple.

On another note. it is true that as day goes by, Bitcoin is getting more set aside by other cryptocurrencies which offers much more usability for so much less fees. The only reason that I think bitcoin is as expensive as it is today is because its one of the earliest successful coins that still hold on to this day. The transaction fees are just not feasible for people in developing countries, especially ones who are just starting to the cryptoverse.

Besides that, for people just starting out in crypto world, the massive amount of information that you need to understand before being able to comprehend how the transaction works (with Lightning Networks and other difficult terms) for bitcoin is quite a pain in the arse.

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1 year ago

Unless Lightning is forced by a government, like in El Salvador, I don't think it will be used by anybody. There is no reason to move from banking sector unless we are transacting on-chain. Second layers are great for other things, but can't replace or fix the issues of the main chain.

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1 year ago