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Wave 2: 30% Complete.

With the launch of the CashTokens upgrade, Bitcoin Cash hopes to establish a firm basis in the smart-contracts market which is considered the stronghold of Ethereum and Ethereum-based blockchains.

DeFi, prediction markets, tokenization, and other smart contract capabilities are now active on Bitcoin Cash.

NFTs are also live on Bitcoin Cash but haven't yet kicked the hornet's nest.

Still, the approach so far is the appropriate one to instill interest in CashTokens NFTs, and the swarm will soon start heading our way as conditions in crypto improve.

BCH Gurus Wave 2 of NFTs sales is ongoing, with 30% of the Gurus sold up to this point.

Collectors of NFTs on Cashtokens are already completing the prerequisites for the $FURU token airdrop and trade NFts on TapSwap.cash.

Let's dig deeper.

How To Participate In Wave 2

To participate in the sales, BCH Guru explains the steps here.

A Cashtokens address begins with the letter "z".

CashTokens-compatible wallets (currently):

  • Cashonize

  • Paytaca

  • Zapit

  • Electron Cash

We can pay on BCH Guru website using any Bitcoin Cash wallet, but make sure to input the CashTokens address to receive the NFTs.

Details About The $FURU Token Airdrop

BCH Guru NFT holders are eligible for an airdrop of $FURU tokens.

According to the number of NFTs, collections completed, and special traits of Guru NFTs, each CashTokens address is eligible for an airdrop.

$FURU tokens will be usable in the prediction game BCH Guru is developing.

Stats can be found on the BCH Guru collection page:

These are my stats so far, and I'm aiming for a higher multiplier.

With the current NFTs in my possession I get a token multiplier of 31.591x for reach NFT and a total airdrop of 2,211,370 FURU tokens!

My Guru collections include:

  • 70 Guru NFTs

  • 5/12 of the assets

  • number 3 as the lowest Guru number

  • 34 Gurus with jewelry (up to 25 count for the multiplier)

  • 11/11 of crystal ball colours

  • 6 matching gurus (all single)

  • 2 song lyrics

Special Guru collections that influence the multiplier:

To receive the maximum of $FURU tokens from the airdrop collectors should focus on completing the first eight collections.

Lyrics Gurus increase the multiplier one by one, but apparently, a collector that can complete these two will also receive a fair share of the FURU airdrop.

Gurus with jewelry matter for the multiplier with up to 25 counting (for each account).

$FURU tokens will be used in the Guru prediction game, which is currently under development and within the next few months will begin the beta test phase.

The BCH price prediction game will initially use only FURU tokens, and once the beta ends will also include BCH.

It could be useful to observe how an NFT listing on TapSwap.Cash impacts the multiplier for NFT collectors that want to sell their common Gurus.

Closing Thoughts

Trading volumes on TapSwap are steady, making us hopeful for better volumes in the next few months, in a way that CashTokens enters 2024 with a competitive NFT market.

Once the airdrop begins, we will be ready to test the price game, while the FURU token will also get listed in CashTokens DEX Cauldron.

BCH Guru is the first NFT collection announced on Bitcoin Cash and perhaps the best so far in terms of potential.

NFTs are a niche of the CryptoVerse that will most certainly revive in the future. The timing and other conditions are perfect.

Perhaps the CashTokens NFTs will need more support and activity.

Better volumes will attract attention from the entire spectrum of the Cryptoverse and position Bitcoin Cash as a strong competitor in the NFTs market.

My CashTokens Address:

  • bitcoincash:zr4nz4jv6jtf7q5tul8dy9j58u24pwawxsm0hh8hwz

Donations (BCH): tipb.ch/Pantera

Subscribe to my YouTube channel: @panteraCrypto


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BCH Guru explores the thrilling realm of NFTs on Bitcoin Cash, showcasing the potential for digital art and collectibles to revolutionize the blockchain space.

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