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My name is Pamela Udeh, from Nigeria.  I am new in, this is my first introductory write-up and I’m happy to be among you all.

Maxdevalue.BCH introduced me to and I must say that my first impression of this site is of a warm community with a promising future in the Crypto world.

Even though that Cryptos are electronic money, I have come to realize that Bitcoin- Cash community has a human face and when I say a human face I meant a very warm one.



I have been into things, like working as an employee for money, working for myself as an entrepreneur; specializing in fish production and Nylon bags production on a small scale and also for money, with services like writing business plans and other writings that I enjoy, etc. In the western world people do some works because it makes them happy but in Africa, people work mostly for income.

Sometimes I used to wander what truly decides the value of money round the world, for every country.  Is it the people, the goods, what a country can produce, or is it the popularity?

Everyday the value of Nigerian currency kept on going down and this brings about the impoverishment of the average Nigerian. One could attribute this to poor management of resources but even when there is a better management, the growth of the Naira is still unpredictable.

I am glad that with Crypto-currency, everybody would be at a level with equal opportunities to perform and be better; instead of worrying about the many miles of covering the minuses before even starting due to the devaluation of currency.  


I have seen other people’s posts like the posts of Maxdevalue.BCH and considering how good they were, I have come to understand that is not just a place for creating awareness for Bitcoin-Cash but also an opportunity for those that have something to offer to their society in the area of writing as an art, to come together and build a better society with their inspiring and inspired writing skills.

Bitcoin- Cash has come to stay and the Fiat would cease to control and intimidate the society from a background of government policies that were undefined.


I would join in the buying and selling in my country using the Bitcoin-Cash; thereby my fears of the continuous devaluation of my country’s currency the Naira which is impoverishing the common man would be a thing of the past.


Finally, I appreciate everybody here and I believe that we could come together as a team in promoting Bitcoin-Cash and removing fears in the minds of the people as regards the unpredictable control of the Fiats.

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Welcome to this this platform. I’ve purchased one of your books, and your writing skill is out of this world.

Thanks for joining Bitcoin Cash family. You’ll excel here.

Always make sure to connect to other people, support as many people as you can, make sure that each of your articles is above 4 minutes read, your original pictures preferably, and stay original as usual.

I’ll be happy to read your stories and to share with my friends.

Thanks so much Permela.

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2 years ago

Thanks so much for your supports

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2 years ago

Hello dear. Welcome to the family. Another friend from Nigeria. This is awesome.

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2 years ago

Is really awesome, thanks a lot.

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