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After a very long period of absence due to power collapse, it gives me joy to be back to the site.We have a lot going on in our society, sometimes good and sometimes bad but the circumstances could never control my joy. My joy is a personal property that has nothing to do with events, opinions, politics etc.

There are wars and rumours of wars. People are losing their lives in thousands every minute. There are terrorism and people are scared of what tomorrow could bring. Even inside homes abuse and molestation are going on and we just don't want to think about it.

People are denied their rights even in their own countries, politics are now at the dictate of players all over the world. The situation is getting worse everyday and justice has been thrown out of the window.

I most say that sometimes is very discouraging even to listen to the news. The things that makes humans what they are, are been removed from them and is like humans are now being equaled to animals, the value system which are been upheld , that preserves peoples sanity are now been dropped and life is been pushed out of many lives.

There are some things which are not meant to be tampered with and when tampering happens, is like losing your own identity and your own person.

Some things that are equated to having freedom are not really freedom but bondage. Some human actions are not supposed to take place or else one will lose the real essence of life.

There are beautiful things like truth, love, forgiveness, endurance, peace, hope, decency, faithfulness, justice, mercy, integrity, etc. All these are supposed to give enriching lives to humans. They are now being dropped and many people are left with this hopelessness and a life of despair that they do not know how to come out from.

This life of despair could not be removed by physical possessions like wealth etc. That is why is never surprising that a very well to do person committed suicide.

Sometimes you can even hear him asking himself what he has come here to do. He will just be asking: "is that all".

Why the emptiness in man and why the continual search for something. There was a case of a man that accumulated so much wealth and when his son visited, he tried to show off what he had to him but the young man looked at the father and sighed, then asked the father the reason for all the accumulations.

Humans have missed it somewhere. Some people decided to be enjoying life and have enjoyed it to their destruction. Some have categorized themselves to monkeys elephants, goats etc and ended up living in agony.

No we humans are special. We are not goats or other animals. We are wonderfully and fearfully made. If you lose the essence of who you are, you will lose your joy, your value, and all.

When you look at the mirror, what do you see? You are a being that is wonderfully made. You need to understand this so that your value could be restored.

You are not ordinary; you are more than you think and you have a maker and a Savior that is more than eager to help you to understand your life and purpose.

I Hope that people could be reconciled back to their Maker, that truth could be found, that hatred will cease, decency would come, love would be shared etc.

Let the weak be protected, let war stop, and let there be peace.

Let people be taught rightly and let them teach others so that the message would spread to the south, the north, the west and the east.

I hope that I would not have power failure again so that I would always enter the site. Thanks

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