Amanda and Esther - Short fiction Story

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Amanda married at 40 and had 4 children, Esther married at 22 but had no child.


Two of them were childhood friends. When they were 9 years old, they used to sit under the orange tree in Amanda’s compound in a village called Alor in the South Eastern part of Nigeria to discuss about their future.

The two agreed that they will be university graduates and even if they got married when they were still in school; that marriage would not stop them from graduating.


As they said, they entered the university at the age of 19 and both of them went into the law faculty of the same school.

Esther was the first to marry at the age of 22 and she continued with her education.  Amanda had many inadequate proposals then they stopped coming. It was inadequate to her because it had always been her wish to marry a well educated man and also somebody from her town.


Esther and Amanda graduated and went to law school also in Nigeria. Esther as a married woman but Amanda was not yet married.

Another thing that the two friends desired as they were growing up was to have children.  Esther had not gotten any child all these years while Amanda had not gotten a husband.


They later became successful lawyers.  Though Esther had no child but she had a loving husband that loved her so much.


By the time they were 40 years of age, Amanda got married and before they were 45, she had 4 children. One significant thing about her marriage was that she married a fairly educated man and he was not from her town but both of them loved each other.

Esther was later encouraged by her husband to adopt 2 children. She agreed with her husband and they adopted two beautiful children of ages 3 and 1.


Life has different stories for different people. Never wish to be someone else or to have another person’s story. Everybody is unique in their own right. Nobody is two, there is only one you.

Live a life of contentment and always be grateful. Learn to find peace and joy wherever you are, this life is too short for living another person’s life or not being true to yourself.

Finally, make sure that you are connected to your life source and that is your maker.



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