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Philippines Is A Blessed Nation

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1 year ago
Topics: Poem

Philippines is a country

Blessed with beauties of nature,

A country that has

Their own unique culture.

Though we may think Philippines

Is corrupted and poor,

But with all the problems it faced,

It was still able to endure.

Natural resources are also rich in this land,

With farmers who work hard, hand in hand.

They plow the field and harvest grains,

For our sake, they work in pain.

Philippines has a very interesting history

It will certainly take time to uncover its


And when all of these we’ll be able to study,

We’ll now understand its secrets and beauty.

Yes, indeed, Philippines is a blessed nation,

The one thing it lacks is diligence and


God loves this country and understands our pain,

So if we strive harder, all our lost will become

our gain.

Philippines might become a better country one


Because with God’s help, we know that there’s

still a way.

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