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Pet dragon

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3 months ago

Pet dragons are a thing and definitely make good companions, unless they eat us alive as their fresh meaty buddies. But seriously, have you ever imagined having a pet dragon? It is an experience to not be missed and will definitely make us heated.

Dragons are big dogs

Pet dragons can be great companions, if we were actually made of vegetables and not meat, but if we can make a dragon vegetarian, we can have him as a pet, and a pet is a companion for life. Dragons are big dogs and the fact that we can try to teach them how to play fetch by throwing a big chunk of wood in the air using an RPG-like weapon to detonate it and let them go flying to catch it and get it back to the backyard of our house is a great thing to have fun with in your free time, and we can teach them tricks just like dogs, by flipping over and calls on command, and just like you might call your guard dog or pet dog for help if a thief is coming to your house , imagine calling your pet dragon for the rescue, well that's a fire-like experience for sure. Pet dragons can be great pets if you tame them from the time that they are born and hand raise them and feed them but of course you have to think of all the food they require every single day and since they are born they will probably start eating meat so assuming a dragon is as big as a 4 floor building, you will need a lot of meat, and that is a great way to be motivated to become a millionaire or billionair if dragons were a thing so you can feed your dragon everyday and not be broke or out of money.

Training your dragon

Training our dragons can be fun and exciting at the same time and you can even arrive on them to your location, imagine being late to school or university or work for example and hopping on your dragon after calling him by his name to come and land near you so you can get on top of him and let him fly you to your destination which might be your work, and imagine arriving at work on a dragon, that will surely make you the coolest person at the job, and will put the boss of the company which have a Ferrari or a Lamborghini car aside. Teaching a pet dragon tricks can be very fun and some of the tricks include rolling over , of course in a big area so he doesn't destroy the buildings near him, or flying on command which can be very fun and challenging at the same time because you might make all the people around you scared , but it is still fun activity to do, and one more fun thing that you can do with your dragon is having him shoot the targets that you throw in the air using a gun or cannon balls for example and he needs to burn the target down and demolish it with his flame, that's a great activity to have fun with after a hard working day at job and a great way to have followers on TikTok.

Participating in mythical fighting championships

The Pokémon show got our attention since childhood and a great fun activity to do with your pet is that you can have dragon fights between your own dragon and someone else's dragon in an open area which can be a dragon wrestling place built specially for dragon fighting , and you can also bet real money on it and try to win and train your dragon just like you train a dog, to be good at combat and protection and therefore he can be a good fighter and can be a great soldier like dogs, and you can have a Pokémon-like fight using your dragon vs another person's dragon, but be careful if your dragon gets bitten or flamed, then you have to take him to the nearest dragon hospital specialised in treating injuries on big dragons, and speaking of specialised hospitals we also need specialised doctors, so dragon doctors will be a thing and people can actually study being a doctor for basically dragons or other mythical creatures at universities rather than having basic doctor jobs. Well, that will surely pay tons of money for sure, assuming dragon owners are rich to own a dragon in the first place.

Night time

Thinking of having a dragon as a pet back at home will surely not fit inside the house, so assuming dragons are big, they need a bigger place to sleep, and a good idea is probably renting the army's base as a place for sleeping for your pet dragon, in the army's training location. Army's base will probably be a great area for your pet dragon to sleep in, and have some fun with the tanks and aircrafts which can be toys for him before he falls asleep everyday, and the army themselves can wake your pet up if you somehow need him at night, by using an explosive sound as an alarm clock simulator.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you had fun reading this fictional article.

Pets are great companions and make amazing friends that fit in our life and loves us for a lifetime, and their love is pure and innocent.

Photography used in this article is copyright-free and is from the website of unsplash that provides free-to-use pictures.

- PWWrite

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Written by   29
3 months ago
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Every time you have bring us Fun articles very intresting keep the good work :)

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3 months ago

You must take great caution in having a dragon as a pet, they can literally eat you and you will be the next meal of the day, but they are pretty cool.

Fictional & fun topics are what we all need in those hard times of wars and politics, a mood changer.

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3 months ago

Politics are all over our heads and taking some time to think positively in hard times is a relief, so you definitely nailed it.

Dragons on the other hand are cool indeed.

I would probably name my pet dragon "Draco" , that sounds like a good name for a pet.

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3 months ago