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Parrot Breeds That Speaks Best

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6 months ago

Good day all. Today's article consists of ten parrot breeds that are good at speaking or simply imitating voices or sounds very well. Animals lovers where you at?

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The Parrot. The only animal that can imitate voices along with the raven-like birds, is definitely one beautiful creature. Parrots also come in many fascinating colors and they also tend to be quiet funny.

10 - The Macaw Parrot

Macaws are in fact SO BEAUTIFUL. Those type of parrots look colorful and are considerably big, their patterns are eye-catching and they are native to Central America and Mexico. Macaws are among the best speakers or voice imitators in the world and are ranked ten on the list.

9 - The Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrots, native to Central America and also Mexico just like the Macaws, are great speakers when it comes to imitating sounds. Their colors are also good looking but not as good as the above listed parrot. Amazon parrots tend to live about thirty years, unlike the Macaw which lives around 30 to 40 years, or even more.

8 - The Budgerigars, or simply Budgies

Budgies are parrots and they are in fact good speakers. They tend to be among the smartest parrots in the world after the African Grey parrot and the Macaw, which is fascinating when it comes to taking their size into consideration. They are very small and are playful and affordable. Budgerigars tend to live around 6.5 years on average and are definitely funny. They bring joy into your life and are easily tamed and trained to perform some kind of tricks or even the recall action where you can call them back to you if they ever get to a place you don't want them to be in, and are native to Australia. Their price ranges from about 10$ USD to 30$ USD depending on the colors. They even come in rainbow colors.

7 - The Galah Cockatoo Parrot

Galah parrots, are among the eye-catching and good looking birds out there, with their peach and grey coat and hair. They tend to be on the number seven on this list with their speaking ability. They are also native to Australia just like the Budgies. They are related to cockatoos.

6 - The Lory Parrots

Lories! The rainbow looking parrots with the most beautiful eye-candy look in the world, are in fact good speakers. They tend to be native to Australia and also Asia. Their color have orange, blue and green with black colored feet, and they can live up to twenty years! They are definitely BEAUTIFUL.

5 - The Ring-neck Parrot, specifically the Indian ring-neck

Ring-necks are definitely talking parrots, but with a lesser ability to speak compared to other parrots. They are on the number five in this list for the fact that they are smart and can be TALKATIVE, those green looking parrots comes in other colors as well and they will surely keep on talking and keep you entertained. They are native to Asia and Sub Saharan Africa. Their life span is around 25 years or even more. Indian ring necks comes in many color variety such as blue, yellow, green, white, violet and other. They make great pets.

4 - The Cockatoos

Cockatoos are among the BEST looking parrots out there, simply because of the hair on top of their head. They are LOVELY animals and are affectionate. They tend to be good talkers and do imitate sounds quiet good. They are native to, well you guessed it, Australia, along with New Zealand and New Guinea. Cockatoos make definitely good pets but be aware of their size. They come in a variety of colors such as grey, black or white, in addition with peach or yellow color. Cockatoos also come in different types such as Umbrella cockatoos, Gang-Gang cockatoo The Galah Cockatoo and other.

3 - The Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus parrots are also good speakers and tend to be green colored with some red in them. They are native to, again, Australia, with other countries as well. They are smart and can memorize pretty good. The female Eclectus color is red with some black unlike the males which comes in green. The female also have blue in them. Basically spider-woman parrots, get it? Their lifespan is around 40 years and they are in fact very friendly animals.

2 - The Senegal Parrots

Senegal Parrots, native to Africa and Senegal along with other countries, is the top two parrot worldwide that is capable of speaking good. They tend to be playful and VERY calm. Their colors are dark green with grey and orange along with yellow. They are smart and do scream a lot, just like other parrot species, but definitely way calmer.

1 - The African Grey Parrots

And finally we reach the top one on this list and they are in fact the African Grey Parrots. Those animals are really friendly and tend to be VERY GOOD talkers. They are native to Central Africa and comes in grey color along with a BEAUTIFUL red tail. you should definitely do a research to actually see how beautiful their tail feather is. African greys are playful, smart and can learn tricks and also recall technic just like the budgies and other parrot types, and definitely make Great pets. The average life span of this type of species is around twenty-three years.

That's all of the good talkers out there in nature and I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did. There are in fact other types of parrots that do talk but are not on the list, which I will state some down below, along with the non-parrot raven and other birds that do speak quiet well.

  • The Mynah bird, which is NOT a parrot, and is REALLY beautiful in my opinion, with it's black and yellow colors. It belongs to the family of starling birds and is really a good talker neither-less.

  • The Raven bird, which is also not a parrot, is one hundred per cent a good-sounding bird when it comes to imitating sounds. They basically sound deep and just like a gentleman while talking. Ravens also tend to be one of the smartest animals in the world, and they can definitely learn to do tricks.

  • The Monk Parrot or Parakeet, is a type of parrots that is also a good speaker and imitator. They are native to Argentina.

  • Conure parrots, which are one of my favorite parrot species, do look really good in colors and are also good speakers. They make great pets and are quiet funny as well.

That's all folks, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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Written by   29
6 months ago
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