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YEL Finance - Multi-chain yield enhancement protocol made user friendly

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2 weeks ago
Topics: $YEL, Yel Finance, Defi, Science, Success, ...

Searching for the "next big thing" is hard and for that I keep scouting the Cryptoverse constantly as part of this quest. Looking for the next top DeFi project is hard but rewarding, specially when it's a chance to find innovative projects such as YEL Finance ($YEL)

Yield Enhancement Labs (YEL) is a multi-chain yield enhancement protocol who’s core mission is to help projects gain liquidity across multiple chains while building self-sustainable token economics with constant and organic buy-pressure for YEL token. YEL Finance plans to achieve the goal by creating the incentivization of investors and simplification of the research process for best APRs.  

The multi-chain yield enhancement protocol also have an innovative vision - to provide liquidity gains across multiple chains. The best APR will be combined with self-sustainable token economics and organic buy-pressure for the $YEL token.

The initial value for $YEL was $0.015 but the community expectation price at the end of August was for $0.76! Will $YEL be the 50x - 100x hidden gem? The community expectation wasn't achieved and the current $YEL value hoovers close to $0.009 but what really matters is the community growth and long term plans. YEL development looks solid and I will follow this project closely to see if will unwrap nicely and will have a trending growth.

What else makes YEL different? The $YEL token is listed on 4 blockchains: Fantom, Polygon, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, being available for purchase on SpookySwap, QuickSwapDEX, SushiSwap and ApeSwap

The dashboard showing customized pools is called Spectre! YEL Finance believe in simplicity for both user design and user engagement, making it easy for our users to find the best staking opportunities in one single spot. The comprehensive dashboard will list the pools from each blockchain in a user friendly lay-out.

The updates are shared with the community through social media. In the upcoming days YEL Finance will launch of two new farms generating fees, a top KPI options program with UMA Protocol and new staking opportunities for $YEL token holders. 


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Written by   752
2 weeks ago
Topics: $YEL, Yel Finance, Defi, Science, Success, ...
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I'm going to take a look at the project, and take advantage of the fact that I have something available in apeswap to see if I feel like it. Thanks for always sharing your knowledge. That speaks highly of you as a person.

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2 weeks ago