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Winter Fun in Ampleforth Village

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9 months ago

Just few minutes into 2020, I was drinking champagne straight from the bottle while watching the fireworks at the embankment. I was enjoying the moment and thinking something like "Ohh man... this year will be great!". That's just me being silly! 

I was wrong? I was right? Let's simplify the 2020 events in a single meme! 

At the start of 2020, we had some calamities around the globe, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and big fires in Australia. And then... Covid-19 gone wild, going worldwide like wildfire. Fast forward to the end of February, when I was introduced to Publish0x, as a place where I can read stuff and earn some free crypto. I started writing in March and I enjoyed every second. I ended up joining this team of Avengers with big brains, a team that constantly fights to promote cryptocurrencies and educate others. Respect for my #P0xBros

Month after month, I aimed higher and higher, trying to learn more and improve my posts. It worked quite well as the monthly check kept growing. In less than a month, Publish0x has become part of my life, a hobby that brings some income. If this was a commercial about a tour operator, in the travel and tourism sector, the catchphrase will be "Write, Read and Tip! Earn on Publish0x for a Trip!"

Publish0x kept the flag up and was my top source of income in 8 out of 9 months, being surpassed only once by Harvest Finance. The lifetime earnings from writing and reading only is $1100, with the now gone Loopring and DAI tips, but the Publish0x related income is over $2000.

It took me about eight months to win my first official Publish0x writing competition, until I created this bad boy review about Bityard, which was rewarded with a top prize in Ethereum. My December payouts was equal to a jolly "Happy Holidays!"

I've gone from zero to 1590 followers in less than a year! Not as amazing as Bitcoin in 2021 but I am happy to stay in the BTC shadow. My notifications are always on, in case you wonder how I can answer to comments at any time of the day (and night). And let me try to explain this with an image, as the feeling I have when seeing my post on the front page is like watching the Aurora Borealis. 

If the winter came with a higher infection rate over the globe, the cold season brought Ampleforth (AMPL) as a tipping option for P0x users. To mark the occasion, many competitions and giveaways rewarded the AMPL army! Did you enjoy the gifts?

December was such a good month to tip quality content, as the tips were boosted most of the time.

Don't get me wrong, I like BAT, Ampleforth and Ethereum, but what if Publish0x had Bitcoin as a tipping option? Would we all be philanthropists now?

I wish that 2021 will bring as many achievements as Bitcoin in the last 10 days.    

Will ever Ethereum challenge Bitcoin supremacy? My only issue with Ethereum is the "quick transactions for the lowest fees"

Waiting for this to reach $1000 any time soon. And with new all time highs... the all time fees will fill the void!                          

I feel is the right time to share my top post, Brave defends privacy against Google's Web Bundles, which is also my top earner and my most viewed article. With 7,500 views and 284 likes, this post topped many well researched articles, earning almost $15.

This remind me about that video about privacy in the time of Corona, which was on the front page for months. When I was just a small baby on Publish0x, that post was always trending. Is that video still around? Let's move on and forget about 2020, as 2021 will be such a great year!

Just few minutes into 2021, I was drinking champagne straight from the bottle while watching the fireworks at the embankment. I was enjoying the moment and thinking something like "Ohh man... this year will be great!". Deja-vu!

Believe it or not, 2021 can't be worst than 2020. The only event that can top 2020 of the chart will be the Apocalypse and if this happens, we will not be here to judge it. Let's keep positive and follow Bitcoin in All Time Highs.

Are you still skeptical about 2021? Do you still consider 2020 as the worst year ever? Think again! 

Is 4th of January already, and some are back to work, while others are still in holiday. Did you know that Publish0x users have mega discounts when booking holidays in Ampleforth Village? That's a great way to spend your hard earned tips. Great offers and cheap prices for accommodation at Ampleforth Catholic boarding school, where every holiday package comes with room service and a personal monk!


Why choosing Ampleforth instead of the Alps? Because Ampleforth has "flexible" deals!

Do you remember Ampy Forth, the son of Aaron Forth and Anna Forth, born in Ampleforth village? He invested in AMPL, traveled the world, tried to be a superhero, but now is back in his village. He was appointed head-teacher at Ampleforth College, and he will bring "outside the box" thinking to the education system. Meanwhile, on Publish0x, an avalanche of Ampleforth is coming!

Ampish0x, his little brother, is a big boy now, and gives better tips to people. He will start school soon, and he is looking forward to learn about Ampleforth village and Ampleforth (AMPL), about elasticity and rebase. If you say AMPL is a stablecoin ... you'll get smashed!

I don't care if the world is on fire, I will still be around, testing platforms and exchanges, doing school boy errors and trials by combat. Let's start this year fresh, and take a minute to realize that 2020 made us stronger! Keep safe! Keep writing! Keep laughing! (and keep tipping!)

Almost forgot to make my withdrawal! When payments?

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Written by   761
9 months ago
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I just registered to publishox and still tryin to observe and learn the platform. This gave me an overview. Appreciate this article.

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9 months ago

You are welcome

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9 months ago


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9 months ago

There will always be memes

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9 months ago