What is happening Across the Bridge: Episode 8 - High Value NFTs and Twitter Spaces

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We are waiting for the  big event of the year, as the $ACX token launch is expected VERY SOON!  The Across Protocol dashboard already added the Reward Page, where the users can check their eligibility for rewards. Are you an Early Bridge User, or a Bridge Traveler? Are you suppling liquidity or referring Across to your friends? Then you should be eligible for $ACX rewards! 

The Across Airdrop Eligibility Page went live and it can be checked by visiting across.to/airdrop and join the three Twitter Spaces that will be hosted by Across. There is an extra reason to attend the spaces, as top NFTs will be shared to lucky participants! 

will be giving away three NFTs this week on three short Twitter spaces! Their total value is around 4.5 ETH. These will be fast-paced and fun, you'll get the hot take on why Across is the bridge Ethereum deserves. Check the Tweeter Thread and set reminders!

The first NFT shared by Across was a Genesis Legion NFT (~1.12 ETH). Genesis Legions are the most powerful beings within Bridgeworld, a game of strategic commerce. It was one by one of the 700+ atendees of the event, where was explained why Across is capital efficient.  

The second NFT giveaway is a piece of generative art from artblocks_io, by the artist ellymilligannz. The NFT (~1.2 ETH) is a reflection upon the future of automation, machine consciousness, creativity, and humankind’s inevitable consequences. The NFT will be shared to one of those attending the second Twitter Space, where it will be explained why Across is an  "optimistic bridge."

The third NFT is this seasonally appropriate coolcatsnft, as the amazing Cool Cat #5225 (~2.45 ETH) will give the owner the permission to participate in online and offline events only for Cool Cats holders. The final episode will talk about how Across could achieve next-block bridging as a result of its competitive relayer network, so don't miss it on Thursday - 10th of November.   

The Across Quest - Bridge Across to the good side! 

There is a special quest on Crew3, where people can bridge using Across and the proceeds from the bridge fees will be donated to an orphanage and old age home for children and elders in need of basic necessities at token launch.  

You have to bridge a minimum of $100 from any network to another network using this link only https://across.to/  and  the higher the bridged value the better it is for the cause. A screenshot of the transaction must be uploaded and the participants will receive 1000 XP, the Across Good Samaritan NFT and all the picture of all the proceeds going to the needy will be posted on the Across official Twitter account

My Across Journey

Been involved with Across since the beginning, being one of the co-founders. Had a decent contribution and had roles like Senior DAO Contributor or Referral Ranger, and now I supply liquidity while recommending the best bridge to my friends. I am currently providing Ethereum and I earned already 61.256 $ACX tokens.

The Liquidity Providers who are eligible for the airdrop are those who deposited ETH, wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC), USDC and DAI into Across before token the launch. Please note the use of the term "token launch", which means users can still become liquidity providers and earn $ACX continuously before and even after the token launch. This is ongoing and the allocation estimate will be showed after connecting your wallet on the Airdrop Eligibility Page and referring to the Liquidity Provider box.

I am an active promoter of Across to my friends and colleagues, purely because they deserve the best tools in the Cryptoverse. They will have the opportunity to try the best bridge and become eligible for the Bridge Traveler airdrop, while I will improve my referral tier. I am currently a Silver Referrer, with nearly $8000 trade volume and 92 $ACX tokens earned so far through the referral system.  

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Good info

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Thanks! Hope you get a good airdrop

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Despite the bloody market, you still manage to do this stuff..

Meanwhile, I dumped half a million CATS earlier at very cheap price..hayst...just wasted a lot on this token..

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Blood market is the best market to earn Jane. DAO work is the future

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