What is happening Across the Bridge: Episode 7 - The $ACX Reward Page is LIVE

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Are you waiting for the $ACX airdrop and looking forward to own the tokens distributed by Across Protocol? I have good news... as the Reward Page is now live on the Across Dashboard. It's time to check if you are eligible for rewards, and see how you can earn more $ACX tokens.

Are you an Early Bridge User, or a Bridge Traveler? Are you suppling liquidity or referring  Across to your friends? Then you should be eligible for $ACX rewards! 

Across vision was to be an easy to use bridge, with the cheapest fees and fastest transactions. The innovative blockchain technology created an incredible capital efficiency and increased functionality. The $ACX token will give a new direction, where token holders will be actively involved in the protocol's development. 

The Across Airdrop Eligibility Page went live and it can be checked by visiting across.to/airdrop Early Bridge User. The users who completed a bridge transfer with Across before July 19th, 2022 are included in this category. The referral system was launched and the current users have the opportunity to earn $ACX with their referral link.

The Bridge Traveler is a tag given to selected users that didn't used Across previously but used other ETH bridges. There are over 30,000 eligible addresses eligible for the $ACX airdrop, wallets that must opt-in before October 25th. 

The ‘Bridge Traveler’ box will tell you if you’re eligible, and it's easy to secure $ACX tokens. Users will be prompted through the steps, ending with a button to bridge. The criteria for the bridge transaction is at least 150 USDC or 0.1 ETH. Finalizing the transaction will indicate that the wallet can claim the reward at the launch of the token. 

Don't worry if you didn't qualified for Bridge Traveler, as you can still benefit from the program as a Referral Ranger. The top 3 referral links that capture the most Bridge Traveler participants will win $ACX rewards: 20,000 for the top referral, 10,000 for the runner-up and 5,000 tokens for the third place.  

The Liquidity Providers who are eligible for the airdrop are those who deposited ETH, wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC), USDC and DAI into Across before token the launch. Please note the use of the term "token launch", which means users can still become liquidity providers and earn $ACX continuously before and even after the token launch.

You can check your LP eligibility and allocation estimate by connecting your wallet on the Airdrop Eligibility Page and referring to the Liquidity Provider box. I am currently providing Ethereum and I earned already 61.256 $ACX tokens.   

Obviously I used Across to move wETH from Polygon, and send them to Ethereum mainnet. Sent 0.044 wETH in minutes with Across, paying the lowest fee in the Cryptoverse.   

I had more ETH on mainnet, my earnings from P0x and the one that was there before the Merge. I staked all into the Across ETH Pool, helping the bridge run smoothly and earning $ACX tokens while earning ETH from transfer fees. I love the double bonus!    

Across is great for bridging cryptocurrencies, as it does transfers between Ethereum, Polygon, Boba, Optimism and Arbitrum. I used Across to bridge UMA from Arbitrum, paying only 0.017 UMA as transaction fee! 

My favorite airdrop category is the Community Member, as I was with Across since launch. I was a Co-Founder, active member, Senior DAO Contributor and now a  Referral Ranger. 

The $ACX airdrop rewards for community members who contributed significantly to the project was curated by Risk Labs with community input, and includes those who have helped shape the trajectory of the protocol.

Discord is used to see the eligibility and the reward tab will show the amount of tokens that the user will receive. My stash of $ACX may be a game changer, as 53,000 tokens will give me an important voice in a future DAO structure.

Meanwhile, I will still refer Across to my friends and colleagues. They will have the opportunity to try the best bridge and become eligible for the Bridge Traveler airdrop, while I will improve my referral tier. I am currently at Silver, with $6,700 trade volume and 80 $ACX tokens earned so far. 

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