What is happening Across the Bridge: Episode 4 - Arbitrum Odissey

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The Arbitrum Odissey started last month, encouraging the crypto users to bridge ETH to the chain using various bridges. The competition was gamified, as the participants received at least on NFT. Using the bridge with the most volume made the users eligible for a second NFT. 

I voted for Across because is the fastest, cheaper and most secure L1-L2 bridge. I couldn't understand why people voted for bridges with fees 40% higher, and a transaction speed lower then what Across is offering.

The launch of Across V2 was one of the biggest events of 2022, and the migration was spectacular! The goal was to make Across easy to use, and this was achieved adding incredible capital efficiency and increased functionality through the use of different mechanisms.

I participated in the Arbitrum Odyssey Bridge Week and completed  a route to Arbitrum through Across V2. I sent 0.0046 WETH from Polygon to gather all the ETH in one place.

The estimated time was between 1 and 3 minutes but I received it almost instantly. The fee to send 0.0046 WETH was 0.00041 for destination gas fee and only .000006192 ETH for the Across bridge fee. Tell me this is not the lowest bridging fee ever! 

I expected Ethereum Mainnet to Arbitrum to be more expensive, but it was lower then expected. I sent 0.013 ETH through Across  and paid only $2.74 for both destination gas fee and the bridge fee. Across is amazing!

I sent 0.014 ETH and I received 0.01366 in less then a minute. Across is one of the most complete tools and the values for security are reflected by the use of UMA’s optimistic oracle and the full audit by OpenZeppelin. 

At the end of the week I had one NFT to claim, as "Enter the Odyssey" was waiting for me. I dived into the Odysee and I am not prepared to bridge and see what lies in store. 

Claim it and had to pay some pennies as transaction fee, but the price on V2 is minimal. Only 0.001 AETH was needed to claim my first NFT on Arbitrum, and to mark the journey into the blockchain.

Presearch is a decentralized search engine powered by the $PRE tokens. You can earn them by doing the searches you do for free on google, and use them to stake keywords. I staked 20 keywords linked to Across Protocol to help people making their bridging experience hustle free. It was all cool until someone outbid my "crypto bridge" keyword....

Went to check and was surprised that catoshi.tech had doubled the stake. Sorry dudes but Across Protocol has deeds on the crypto bridge keyword and I have enough PRE to outbid you forever.

The hard work is always rewarded, and Across achieved another massive milestone .... 300,000,000 USD Total Bridge Volume. This shows that Across Protocol created a powerful tool, a bridge that helps everyone to spend less.

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