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Two Years of Owl Business at Index Coop

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2 weeks ago

I discovered Index Coop exactly two years ago, and was a journey that enhanced my DeFi knowledge. I joined a community-led, decentralized organization with a noble vision ... to create, maintain and drive the global adoption of crypto indices. If you are a crypto novice, the "Crypto Index" term is used for a selection of cryptocurrencies, grouped by market cap, which will gain value when the coin or token gains value. 

DeFi Pulse Index was the first product, a Decentralized Finance index of the 10 most popular Ethereum DeFi tokens. The initial index pool contained AAVE, Synthetix (SNX), Uniswap (UNI), Yearn Finance, Compound (COMP), Maker (MKR), REN, Loopring (LRC), Kyber Network and Balancer. The listing order was based on the share size of the pool, and new cryptocurrencies were added throughout history. 

Impressed by the vision and mission ... I started earning and staking $INDEX tokens, which brings privileges such as participation and vote power on government of the organization. INDEX purpose was to facilitate community driven ownership and governance by letting all the holders have their vote and a direct influence on the project's roadmap. Also they had cool merch, like this ultra-cool hoodie I orders from the store.

I also took part in the Index Anniversary Party in London, where I met some of the coolest guys in the Cryptoverse. I used by basic Arts & Crafts skills to create an Index Owl bookmark, and share it with the party people! Beer, cake, gifts and chocolates were a must, and the party was above the expectations. 

The launch of the GMI token came with unique merchandise, the GMI hoodie! I ordered one because of the limited availability and additional perks. I had to wait few weeks before the hoodie was delivered save and sound! It looked amazing, and the textile was top quality, and the Proof Of Proximity integrated chip was a mind-blowing innovation.  

It wasn't just integrated technology, but also 1 $GMI token and 1 NFT ready to be claimed. I scanned the sleeve and got sent to Opensea to claim my stylish memorabilia. NFT. Was months before the crypto crash and I really felt like WE ALL GONNA MAKE IT! I wrote about it and was nice to see the article on the front page of P0x. 


I love my Index hoodies, and the Index focus on crypto education. Last summer I received a surprise gift... two crypto themed books! I took The Infinite Machine by Camila Russo and Trillions by Robin Wigglesworth in holiday, and educated myself while flying to Antalya! 

Crazy stuff happens in the Cryptoverse, and Index Coop adopting an owl was one of them! Ophelia is a female Great Horned Owl that resides at Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine, and the star of the hoot-est NFT.

Ophelia was raised by a human instead of her fellow owls, meaning she has a low survival chance in the wild. As a member of the Education Team, Ophelia is glove-trained. The Southeastern Raptor Center provided a physical Certificate of Adoption for Ophelia that the Coop have digitized and minted as an NFT, which was shared to the community members.  Given the Ethereum’s transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake via The Merge, this is Index Coop’s first environmentally-friendly NFT.

Owl NFTs, cool merch and sweet $INDEX token to summarize two years since my first contact with Index Coop. Two years of education, growth, snapshots and governance votes. Two years of making friends, learning more about DeFi, and scattered attendance for meetings! However, always wearing my swag with pride. WAGMI bros! WAGMI! 

Sounds like a goodbye? Maybe because I now feel that my head is over-saturated with crypto and my contribution there is no longer needed. Hope that the INDEX token will get back to the former glory, but unfortunately $INDEX is currently 97% down since the 67 USD All-Time High

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Written by   1132
2 weeks ago
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