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Tunl - Evolving customers to VIP community members through loyalty NFTs

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Turn customers into VIP community members

The Cryptoverse evolution happens at an accelerated pace, and the successful projects separate from the average ones through customer satisfaction. The community synergy with the project will lead to an organic growth and the user's happiness will supercharge the brand.

Tunl's vision is to simplify the steps towards the aimed synergy between users and project by turning the customers into VIP community members. Blockchain solutions, smart contracts and personalized loyalty programs powered by NFTs are the tools used by Tunl to supercharge brands. The innovative system will help brands to enhance the way customers are receiving exclusive perks and discounts.

LJ Northington, Co-Founder and CEO of Tunl, answered all the hot questions in the Tunl x CRE8R DAO AMA. The small Tunl team started working on NFT powered brand loyalty since February 2022, based on the original idea of enhanced digital fashion. The idea of integrating NFTs into fashion in the Metaverse was expanded, and the Tunl concept was born.

It's interesting that LJ sold his Solana NFTs to found Tunl, a project that will use NFTs to create brand loyalty. Why Tunl? The name comes from the initial idea of creating personalized "spaces" for the brands, called "tunnels". The name was kept even if the project developed into a different direction. 

The customer loyalty and the commerce ecosystem powered by NFTs will improve the shopping experience. Tunl used the opportunity to bring product  and commerce data into the blockchain. The personalized shopping experience will be based on consumer product history, offering a transparent and decentralized access for the customers. Brands will "see" the customers purchase history, while the customer's privacy is maintained. The customer will earn Shop2Earn NFTs as a reward for buying real-life merchandise, also earning Tunl points. The points and NFTs accumulated by users will generate personalized discounts and perks. 

The Tunl profile will have a wallet automatically generated, creating an easy entry into the Cryptoverse. Users will log with email and password, or by using the Metamask wallet. The account can be created free of charge and blockchain reward system the will add value to the shopping experience.

Tunl Highlights by the Reading Ape!

  • Tunl created an innovative NFT-powered loyalty program that will help brands to build their communities and offers consumers exclusive perks and discounts. 

  • The Tunl project was created by LJ and Lavance, and has 3 full-time members and 2 part-time members that are currently working on the long-term development. 

  • The research into digital fashion led to a blockchain idea that links IRL products with NFTs. Tunl was created as a tool that will help brands build NFT-powered loyalty programs, enabling personalized shopping experiences based on consumer product history

  • The initial idea was to create 3D spaces that could power experiential commerce, with 3D spaces working as MySpace-like profile for everyone on the platform. They were called "tunnels", which leaded to the Tunl name.

  • The loyalty process will be based on the digital replica/NFT of the product to the actual physical product. The users will buy from Tunl-integrated brands, through the Tunl Shopify app, and the NFT that acts as a loyalty card will be airdropped to the linked wallet. Points are accumulated based on the NFTs,  generating perks and discounts

  • Tunl will provide non-crypto natives with an Polygon address, automatically generated when the account is created. The users do not need to interact with seed phrases and will log with WEB2 accounts. Crypto natives can connect with their existing wallets.

  • Tunl will generate revenue from the subscriptions, as brands will pay a monthly fee to access the Tunl features. Users will access the platform for free, and will be treated as VIPs by their favorite brands.

  • The team aims to fully decentralize the platform and hand it over to the DAO. Stay updated with the projects and don't miss the chance to become a tunl-er

  • The beta launch is the first step of the short term roadmap. The social shopping features will incorporate the user's feedback, with the Tunl NFT from brands to go live mid September.

Exploring the TUNL dashboard

The brands that want to implement Tunl will have to create the brand's loyalty NFTs and let the customers earn them for free by buying products from the store. 

The brand will engage with the community and reward perks, discounts or exclusive items to the loyalty NFT holders, enhancing the relationship with the customers. The long lasting relationship will grow as the customers are treated as VIP community members. 

Bussiness and traders can apply for early access to Tunl and book a demo! The TUNL Dapp will help brands optimize community rewards, personalize members benefits, implement gamification and evolve from classic trades to efficient e-commerce. Trading on blockchain will upgrade the customer experience, the customer lifetime value and customer retention.

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Tunl website

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Written by   1093
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