Truts Ranks Web3 Communities And Rewards The Users

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1 year ago

Truts is one of the freshest projects in the Cryptoverse, and one of the best community I seen around. The vision is to create an interactive platform for communities in web3, where users are invited to discover, contribute and earn.

I wrote about the Truts project before, few days after they added the missions, then again to share my progress. Meanwhile, I organized two poker tournaments for the community members and won two amazing prizes! 

Truts will help the users to find the best communities, while the communities to be ranked in a genuine and organic way. The users will earn from the engagement.

The Missions were added to discover and contribute in web3, accumulate XP points when completing the tasks. The Truts reward system adds a set amount of XP for each completed mission, with easy tasks such as joining a social media channel or writing a review.

Each completed mission will help both Truts and the user evolve, by creating synergy between reviews and earning XP. This is one of the things I enjoy doing, constantly ranking platforms and protocols through my articles. Now I can do the same thing and help Web3 grow!

The XP points are a gateway to exciting rewards on the platform, and completing missions made me advance to level 5. I left reviews and completed the missions that involved the projects I got involved with, knowing that my feedback will help create a reliable database for Web3 users. 

The Truts Referral Program will boost the XP points, improving the multiplier. Every referred friend receives 500 XP when signing up, and the referrer will increase the XP multiplier after the 5th friend invited. I reached my 5th referral and from now I can earn XP with 1.1x multiplier.

The "Leaderboards" were added to the platform, and the top users and communities are there to be checked. Humbled but proud to be to top user based on 25,500 XP points.

The community leaderboard will show the projects with the most reviews, and Sui Bears has a good lead in front of Final Stardust and Truts! Are you there to review your favorite communities? Will SUI projects maintain the lead after the network made no airdrop for loyal users?

As you read this article, Truts has gone over 2500 listed communities, and 1200 onboarded contributors. I done my fair part of reviewing and as I said above... I won prizes!

The Cypherock Giveaway was worth $800, with a cold wallet for the Truts top 2 users.  Maiki's 1:1 PVM avatar was seen by the whole world, nicely framed as a Cypherock winner! Buzzing while I wait for my prize to be delivered.

Cypherock decentralizes your private keys to give you up to ten times more security, without the need for a seed phrase. The "Private Key Splitting" will cryptographically split the seed phrase into 5 parts., storing each part on the wallet and the 4 cards.

Only few days later, and another giveaway was announced, with the top 25 XP holders receiving an Umbrian NFT worth at least 0.06 ETH! The total giveaway worth was $3,200, with the Truts rewards towards community members going above and beyond.

The Umbria Network Narni Bridge allows users to cross-chain liquidity bridge Ethereum and Polygon/AVAX/BSC, migrating assets almost instantly for the low fees.

The Juiced Umbrians are a set of 10,000 NFTs airdropped to exceptional members of the Polygon community, and now given as prizes for Truts exceptional users! When the snapshot was taken I was the leader, and received this two beauties.

PVM is now the proud owner of two Juiced Umbrians, with a 0.15 $ETH value for the pair! It's not late to join the Truts campaign, as more giveaways and prizes are being prepared for the hot summer of 2023. 

Humble Tractors Community on Truts!

Humble Tractors is building and Web3 NFT Ecosystem, covering fun gaming, charity and the latest DeFi trends. It's all about the holders and keep them engaged... this is why the Tractors landed on Truts!

The community is live so go join it and review your humble favorite NFT collection! You can earn 1500 XP by leaving a review, follow Humble Tractors on Twitter and join the Blockchain Creators House on Discord! 

I have something for the hardcore OGs and Crypto Bros that supported me from day one.... I have a mission exclusive for Humble Tractors holders! Prove your humbleness and earn 500 extra XP!  Check the collection on Opensea!

Join Truts to review and earn with the top web3 communities! Hang around and stay tuned for the next poker tournament as well. Bit things are coming, and I hope you will join me in this journey! 

The Truts Poker Night #2 was as entertained as the first edition. PennyPanda wasn't around to defend his crown, and I turned on the chaotic style of play. Was a though final against Rajkaria, but I managed to claim the title after a streak of bluffs and all-ins!

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