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Trust Treaty - WEB3 Refundable Smart Contracts

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The Cryptoverse evolution never stops and innovative projects are created to ensure that the ecosystem is safe for the users. Trust Treaty brings a new concept into the market, smart contracts that ensure the assets are refundable in case of breaches in the initial agreement.

The blockchain vision is linked to full transparency while providing privacy, however bad actors can take advantage of transactions that can't be reverted. Trust Treaty created a ground-breaking tool, the first blockchain transactions that can be reversed. 

Trust Treaty built truly revolutionary prepaid and automated contracts that can be tailored based on the needs of the client. This innovative contracts are refundable in case of breaches in the initial agreement. There was nothing to protect crypto users from fraudulent projects, due to the anonymity and decentralization of the blockchain. However, Trust Treaty stepped up to the demand and created the tool required for safe blockchain deals.

Do not trust, verify!

The Trust Treaty smart contracts are borderless, easy to implement and tailored for any activity. Building trust is the key to success, and the refundable smart-contracts are the tool that can enhance P2P payments, the real estate sector, crypto related businesses, bounties or any other task that requires a crypto payment. 

Each contract can be built based on the the factor of security that a party is seeking, leading to secure agreement backed by a smart-contract. The funds will be refunded if the initial agreement is breached.

The Trust Treaty smart contracts can have multiple use cases, and revolutionizing the Real Estate sector is part of the evolutionary vision. Buying and selling properties can simplified with the borderless and restrictionless smart contracts.

The buyer and the seller will pre-negotiate the conditions and the value of the property, using a digital signature on the decentralized wallet. If any of the parties breach the agreement, a dispute and request for refund can be easily open.

The Trust Treaty smart contracts can enhance P2P deals, as any buyer or seller can tailor the criteria of the deal. The client pre-funds the contract and completes the transaction, knowing that a dispute and request for refund can be opened in case of disagreement. The P2P deals are simplified and both parties know that the terms of the contract are enforced.

How to create a Trust Treaty contract?

The Trust Treaty Dapp is easy to use due to the user-friendly UI and UX. There are unlimited implementations and the smart contracts can be tailored for any requirements.

The process is straightforward! The client creates the contract and specify the terms and conditions based on his needs. The deal will be finalized with the digital signature and the funds will be sent to the service provider only after the terms are met. The client can open a dispute and request a refund if the service provider fails to deliver at the agreed standards.

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Written by   1094
3 weeks ago
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