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Trillium and Alien Worlds #6 - The Bridge was repaired by space droids ... the bridge is active!

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1 week ago

Commander PVM from the Terran Battlecruiser Morningstar reporting to duty! We finally have a peace on Magor 22:1! The zombie wars are still far from over but the threat was pushed deep in the underground. We raised the Magor Gardens and use the local weeds and plants as a source of profit, trading the poisonous and dangerous herbs to all sort of wizards, assassins and warlocks. Is that ethical? Who knows... a man needs to supply for his family! 

The Battlecruiser is still on defensive mode and keeps mined and supplying heat for the Magor Gardens. Mining on Magor 22:1 rewarded all the brave adventurers with carts of Trilium and with unique NFTs by @ArtistByron!

The tools I smuggled in the hype days, after the Binance listing, helped me to make a small fortune. The WAX treasury got busted by the recent intergalactic surge of value. Well... now 1169 $WAXP are over 1000 USD!

My current mining ratio dropped from 1 TLM per attempt to an average of 0.3 TLM per try. Mining once every 3 hours and 39 minutes adds only 2.2 TLM per day. I remember the good old days when I was mining 15-20 Trilium per try, before Planet Binance stole the spotlights.

I am still waiting for ThunderDome! You are still waiting for PvP and a chance to show why you got battle ready. Meanwhile, Alien Worlds turned into a rotten tomato and was far from the fresh idea that broke record after record after launch. The game mechanics were boring and repetitive, no improvements, slow mining and errors. I kept mining now and then over the summer, with little interest, until one day when I was welcomed by a new layout, fresh graphics and less errors. Looks like the Alien Worlds dev team is still alive!

Few weeks after the mobile version integration and the upgrades, Planet Binance was finally reachable. The mission Centre was added in the game and the players could send their "spacecrafts" in various missions, for various periods of time, for various rewards.

The key aspect of the missions is that they take place on Binance Smart-Chain, and in game login to Metamask is required. The reward pool is shared by the  number of spacecrafts participating. Let me highlight this ... the Trilium must be on Binance Smart Chain! Each mission requires the staking of a set amount of Trilium ($TLM) and that amount will be locked for the whole duration of the mission. 

But wait? The Trilium mined on Alien Worlds is on WAX blockchain... that means I have to transfer it? Yes... the in game bridge will allow players to move Trilium between WAX and BSC chains. Log with you Metamask and click on Bridge, then select BSC chain and start the "bridging". 

The TLM will be sent from WAX to Binance Smart chain, and after a couple of minutes it can be claimed. Will be available in the balance immediately after claiming and can be used for missions.

Please not that the minimum amount require to use the Bridge is 100 TLM. I had to wait a day to reach the transfer cap and I sent another 101 TLM to BSC. The Trilium can be sent back to WAX if needed, using the same bridging process.

I now have 508 Trilium on Binance Smart Chain and I am ready to explore the Universe. Battlecruiser Morningstar fully powered and ready for inter-galactic exploration. Droids ... prepare the warp engine!


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Written by   756
1 week ago
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Let me ask you a question, which I think I have never asked you: In total, how many projects do you attend?

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This is a question that has no answer.... I have so many active ones, so many that I put in stand-by and even more that I visit now and then :D

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I take my hat off. You are a legend!

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You are having complete information on what you have written on. I have gained from it. Keep it up.

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Interesting, but complicated

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