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Trilium (TLM) and the Alien Worlds Invasion: Episode 1 - The Binance Battleship

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1 month ago

The chain of events couldn't been stopped! It started when Trilium was discovered on Binance Launchpool!

Everyone who had a Binance account could use Binance Coin (BNB) and Binance USD (BUSD) to "mine" Trilium (TLM), the ERC-20 token from AlienWorlds that incentivize the players. The pools were open on the 6th of May, and Trilium was listed into the Innovation Zone on the 13th of April at 6 AM UTC. Trilium (TLM) "mining" is still available until the 6th of May, when the pools will shut down.

I left my farm neglected and mined at full power, and on listing day I had 229 Trilium (TLM). I am a retired bounty hunter, with a nice farm on a remote planet. When the opportunities to make money will show up, I will not think twice before using my skills for profit. However, working hard on the farm and mining Trilium got me tired and woke up late on listing day. The price I found was $0.71 not the above $3 from earlier hours. The market has offers at early hours, but is still crowded in the afternoon. The Binance Battleship needed much Trilium so the demand was high!

I sold all Trilium without doubts, and got 164.72 BUSD, which I staked again in the pool. The money I made from Trilium generate another batch of Trilium, which I will sold again. 

The BNB and BUSD kept mining Trilium (TLM) and a week later I had another batch to sell. The price went down to $0.41 and my feeling is that the price will drop even further. I sold again everything and added the 15.56 BUSD from the sale into the Launchpool.

This staking - mining - selling process was perpetual and every time the value of the Trilium stash was going above $10, I was able to sell it for BUSD, which I added again in the pool. Up to date, the TLM farming was above expectation, generating 223 BUSD. There are still few days until the 6th of May, when the Binance Battleship will shut the hangar and stop the Trilium mining, but until then I hope to mine and sell another batch. 

Trillium (TLM)

The Trilium (TLM) tokenomics are so complex, and the token is required not only for the gameplay, but also as a method of payment, reward and governance. The daily allocation for planets is mined and comes back as voting power to those mining or staking on each Federation planet. On the other side of the Univers, I was happy to "mine" and sell Trilium. From this Launchpool I earned $212

On planet Neri, I was mining for months, and the staked balance was over 2300. I decided to act quickly and unstaked everything, but unfortunately the process took 48 hours. When the Trilium was unstaked, I wanted to use the WAX - BSC Bridge to send the Trilium to the Binance Battleship. The process was full of errors and failed everytime ... but this is a story for another episode!


Trilium discovered on Binance Launchpool! Alien invasion to follow!

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Written by   424
1 month ago
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Binance staking is really good. Am also erning TLM but not that huge as yours 😅

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1 month ago

Always say yes to free money!

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1 month ago

I'm still staking my BUSD to get free TLM. But the APY is so small I think that my earnings is still on 2.7 TLM 🙈😅

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1 month ago

It's not because APY but 80% of the pool goes to BNB

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1 month ago