Top Splinterlands Battle Mages Must Counterspell When Unprotected

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The classic weekly battle challenge retired to make way for the Battle Mage Secrets series, making it more entertaining. This new set-up adds a focus on dynamic strategies, as players will be able to choose from a greater selection of more diverse units to bring into battle.

Let's enjoy theĀ Counterspell ruleset, where the monsters receive the Magic Reflect ability at the start of the battle. Enemy monsters that attack with magic receive damage back.

The damage returned is equal to the damage of the attacker divided by 2, and than rounded up. The magic monsters with the Reflection Shield ability do not take damage from reflected magic attacks and the Amplify ability will increases damage.

The battle-rule made it clear that casters are pointless in this duel, as they will get damage back until they will die! I would focus on stacking armor, with no magic, but the Unprotected battle-rule scrapped this as well.

Water, waves and sneaky kicks! I still choose a summoner that gives armor boost, but only because it's my level three buddy! Why I added the Venari Wavesmith? Miss-clicked and noticed only after I started the battle!

Kelya Frendul: +1 speed & no armor boost

Costal Sentry: Tank with Double-Strike

Pelacor Bandit: Melee with Flying and Sneak

Uraeus: Melee with Sneak

Veneari Wavesmith: Caster with Armor Up

I had to fight a Kelya Frendul clone, probably from an alternate universe, with a set up based on .... sneaky attacks!

The Wave Brood was a good choice, as the massive elemental has Close Range and Taunt. This monster will shoot from the first position and attract all other attacks.

Uraeus was the first one down, and to make it worst... the Wave Brood had healing support. It looked like I was the underdog!

However, the tides of the battle turned in my favor in the second round. The Costal Sentry hit hard, and the Venari Wavesmith took down the Wave Brood. This move was a kamikaze one, as the magic reflection hit back.

The Deeplurker made a meal out of my Venari, but by now the Costal Sentry has clear path into the enemy back line. Let's go!

Strike one and the Hardy Stonefish was sushi ready, strike two and healer has done and dusted. Damage left and right, and this battle will have a Hollywood ending!

The result was in the hands of the gods, as the remaining four monsters all had 1 health left. Can you guess who won? See the full battle here!

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