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Took part into the FujiDAO Fantom Expedition and got bonds

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2 months ago

Took part into the FujiDAO Fantom Expedition and got bonds! The The pre-token bonds are ERC-3525 tokens/ Financial NFTs developed by SolvProtocol and will guarantee Fuji DAO governance tokens when they will be minted.

I was ready for the climb,

Gloves on for the Fuji quest,

Meter points for me!

Fuji DAO is a top borrowing aggregator on Ethereum and Fantom, that reduces loan expenses by constantly monitoring borrow markets and automatically refinances the debt positions at the best available rates. 

The Fuji Climb: Fantom Expedition was a three stage event that started on the 1st of June. DeFi explorers where to the climb and the CRE8R DAO AMA with FujiDAO had the answers to all FAQ about the Fantom Expedition: 

The event focused on accumulating meter points, which will be used to claim pre-token bonds.  The Fuji Climb was not a classic play2earn game, it pure DeFi experience used for the decentralization of the protocol. FujiDAO’s borrowing aggregation capabilities rewarded the participants with 3% of the community share, doing the first steps towards a new governance system.

I am not a trader, and lending and borrowing is not my cup of tea, but when a meme competition is announced ... I will participate. FujiDAO announced a meme and haiku event, with 200,000 meter points shared by the top 10 entries. The top three also received USDC and pre-token bonds.

This campaign was always about meter points and pre-token bonds, and had to highlight this in a meme. This one was just the warm-up for the proper entry. 

Therefore, I packed my gear for the Fuji Climb and embarked into a new adventure. My loyal companion helped me to carry smart contracts and blockchain energy, while I traveled on dangerous steep steps. 

The announcement came and my meme was one of the ten finalists. I won 20,000 meter points and waited for the DAO voting to see if I will get a decent chance for the top 3 prizes. Everyone sense of humor is different, but I was happy to get few votes and end up 8th in the final standing.

Time came for the Locking Ceremony and to burn the points for pre-token bonds. The disclaimer was top class, letting people know that the action is irreversible and all the gear will be thrown into the lava! 

There are many paths leading to the top of Mount Fuji, but there is only one summit - love! This are the words of Morihei Ueshiba and have nothing to do with DeFi or cryptocurrencies. However, was a good quote for such an epic campaign. All my locked meter points enabled me to obtain pre-token bonds. I could choose vesting periods between 3 months and one year, and at the end of the vesting period I will receive the respective Fuji tokens.

I wanted to have a diversified investment and locked 10,000 meter points into a 3 month bond and the other 10,000 meter points into a 12 months bond. I choose this strategy to have covered both the short and long term evolution of FujiDAO, and have some tokens ready for governance.



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Written by   1120
2 months ago
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