The Trade - The Innovative Toolkit for DeFi Trading

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The DEX market and DeFi trading keeps innovating, and Uniswap is leading by example. The weekly volume on September 2022 reached 10 billion, and over 70% of the amount was made through Uniswap.

Uniswap v3 average daily trading volume is 1 billion, over 70% of the DEX market, and has more than 80,000 unique users per week. But can this extraordinary display of strength bring more benefits to the users?

TheTrade brings a suit of tools to enhance decentralized trading and effective capital usage. Their mission is to provide a broader horizon of opportunity for uniswap_v3 liquidity providers, helping LP providers to expand the possibilities of trading operations.

TheTrade wants to simplify the trading functionality and to reduce the hastle for the user. The outcome is acheived by implementing automated solutions, and new ways to use Uniswap v3 liquidity pools

All previous solutions were using third parties or requested data from external sources, such as bots that had their share of profit. TheTrade added new concepts and created a synergy between the community and the traders.

TheTrade will introduce 2 new roles in DeFi - executors and liquidators - that will create true decentralization in automation solutions.

Every user on TheTrade can become an Executor, doing the job either manually or creating a bot to execute limit orders and earn commission.

The Liquidator is a community member that will be responsible for long and short positions liquidation.

The executor role was created for the users convenience, as the process can be ended either manually or with the bot assistance. Liquidators on TheTrade are responsible for long and short positions liquidation. Protocol users can take the role and receive a commission for helping the protocol upholds precise timings on all leveraged positions.

TheTrade huge liquidity pool will allow the protocol to prevent any supply issues and offer an enhanced trading experience. The protocol's cashflow from Uniswap V3 stays within the community, upgrading the decentralization and users participation.

TheTrade solved the common issues that DeFi traders faced in their crypto journey, such as limit order, limited user functionality, constant transfer of liquidity, or slippage.

The integration of automated limit orders solved time wasting and slippage issues, and the Uniswap V3 smart contracts added an extra layer of effiency.

Benefits of using The Trade:

  • Users have a full set of tools on one platform

  • All users have fee for limit orders usage

  • Uniswap v3 Isolated Liquidity implementation

  • Boosted APY with leverage farming

Margin Trading always had a top spot in user's preferences and TheTrade focus on customer satisfaction is highlighted by the tools available on the DApp. Users can carry out all Margin Trading operations in one place.

Smart Leverage Farming is the tool used to increase the efficiency of capital by providing leverage to the users, maximizing the income up to five times. The tool solves bear market problems, as the tool will automatically change the price range in which the users have provided liquidity if the market price moves beyond it.

Spot Limit Orders and Margin Trading on TheTrade will provide additional incentive by reducing the protocol fees of order creation and execution.

The Lightpaper highlights benefits for Uniswap V3, the Uniswap community and every other user. TheTrade was created for every trader, not only Uniswap v3 users.

TheTrade functionality includes the mechanics of swapping on Uniswap v3, keeping the focus on user's profit. This vision is backed by the RoadMap, with the Polygon launch planned for the second quarter of 2023. Mainnet Aurora and Optimism to follow, along with further development and new farms.

Useful Links:

The Trade Website

The Trade - Lightpaper

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