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The Temple Priest is the OG defender of the truth - Splinterlands Battle Challenge

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The Life Splinter will stand as a bastion of purity against the Chaos Legion! They will be the last line of defense against evil, with divine healing power, highly armored soldiers and a focus on balance magic. The Defender of Truth is one of the elite battle units, a spell caster that can change the outcome of battles.

The Defender of Truth is and Epic Alfa Beta spellcaster, with a good set of skills. It has medium cost, at 4 mana, and balanced attributes. The Defender of Truth has 3 Health Points, one Armor Point, 2 Magic Damage and 3 Speed.

But I don't have the Defender in my deck, but I know that the Temple Priest was once a skillful defender. He enhanced his magical affinity and accumulated knowledge. The age affected the OG ex-defender as the price got up and the speed went down.

The Temple Priest has a similar set of attributes as the Defender of Truth, and a cheaper version that can be added in the teams. This is the card I will use for this challange, using the priest to enforce the will of the Light!

Line-up and battle rules

Normal battle-rules with 20 mana cap gave a certain level of flexibility, and the choice of summoner was to boost the team health and extend the battle.

Summoner: Mother Khala +1 Health to friendly monsters

Clay Golem - Main tank with Void

Temple Priest - Caster

Evangelist - Ranged with Snare

Furious Chicken - McNuggets for everyone!

The enemy team was focusing on fast attacks and shared damage through the Blast. The chicken was burned by the Fire Elemental, and the whole battleground was smelling like BBQ wings. The Clay Golem was burned dry but the Priest managed to add some balance in the fight when he defeated the Living Lava.

The Serpentine Spy demise followed, and Life Magic hit him hard. The Evangelist shouted so hard at the Fire Elemental that the echo still runs around. See the full battle here!

Do you own the Defender of Truth? Are you using a replacement card?

The Defender of Truth is a valuable card but the positive aspects are neutralized by the high buy price for the card. The very expensive Splinterlands monster can ne used in any set-up, as he can hit from any position.

I don't plan to buy it, and I will use the Temple Mage as a replacement. The mage has a similar set of skills and the same impact in battle tactics. Going for the cheaper version and compensating value bought with money, with skills and battle challenges.


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Written by   844
1 month ago
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