The Splinterlands - River Nymphs and The Way of Water

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The Splinterlands will always listen to the way of water, and you can consider the blue skin River Nympsh similar to the creatures from Avatar. The Nymphs inhabit the river, and are shy creatures. They chose to remain hidden beneath the water's surface but the strong respect for life will make them aid those in need.

Things change drastically when danger comes, as they are fiercely protective of their homes. The River Nymphs will defend when threatened, and will use the water magic to defeat their foes.

The River Nymph is a rare Chaos Legion card with magical attacks and the Cleanse ability. It starts with 3 health, one magic damage and two speed, gaining Amplify and Swiftness when upgraded.

It's a relatively cheap card on the market, and the mana cost is good for both short duels or 99 mana battles. I use this card when the Noxious Fumes battle rule make an appearance, to dispel the poison from the tank.

The Way of Water! The Weak Magic battle-rule didn't stopped me to use the River Nymph, even if her spells will hit the armor. Was the right time to follow the way of water and boost the aquatic creatures with speed and armor.

Summoner Frendul: +1 armor and +1 speed

Demented Shark: Tank with Inspire

Wave Runner: Another Shark with Range

River Nymph: Caster with Cleanse

Ice Pixies: Caster with Flying

The opponent took advantage of the battle-rule and choose a heavy armored team, with boosted health from Mother Khala. The Scavo Hireling would also repair the armor, and keep the tank up for longer.

The Chaos Knight defended well, and the armor top-up may be an issue. The little Ice Pixies couldn't handle the pressure and were the first victims.

The Scavo Hireling repaired the armor again, and I failed to take down the tank for another round. Meanwhile, the River Nymph was badly injured and I wasn't sure if I can win the battle.

However, the tides of war turned in my favor. The way of water is smooth, as the Demented Shark took a deadly bite. It was the Chaos Agent's turn be annoying and have the armor repaired, but was that enough against two hungry sharks?

After the Chaos Agent was down, I realized that my opponent done a big mistake! The Truthspeaker has come in reach and I can now nullify the extra armor. Beware the angry sea, as no shelter can be found during the storm

Things got less complicated without the armor boost, and luck played an important part. Both the Stitch Leech and the Celestial Harpy failed to land their attacks on the Wave Runner.

Hungry Sharks... Do... Do... Do Do! Huuuungry Shaaarks! One bite and another enemy was down, another bite and was game over! See the full battle here!

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