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The Riftwatchers - The Splinterlands are Shifting Again

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2 weeks ago

The balance of power shifted again, as Splinterlands got new heroes and villains. The Riftwatchers is the newest Chaos Legion expansion, adding 43 new card and battle dynamics. The Riftwatchers arrived and may stop the Chaos Legion invasion, or may help them ravaging the world.

It gets even better ... as a new card will be added to the Riftwatchers set for every 500,000 purchased packs. The mecanics are similar to the Chaos Legion sales, where  all players who have purchased at least one Riftwatchers pack before each milestone will have a chance to receive the new card airdropped into their account.

There are a total of 3,000,000 packs, sharing 13 commons, 12 rare cards, 6 epic summoners and 12 legendary monsters. Each pack was sold for a fiver in SPS plus one Voucher. All the SPS raised from the Riftwathers sales will go to the SPS DAO for the benefit of all $SPS holders. The mini-set is not  a revenue generator 

The six summoners will cost 4 mana, one of each Splinter Element. The monsters in the set are on a higher cost spectrum, with better stats and some new abilities. One of the new abilities it's called Fury, probably inspired by the Gypsy King, and will allows the character to do double damage against targets with the Taunt ability. The market is still bullish on the Riftwatchers, as the number of packs is lower. I will not buy in bulk until they will go closer to the Chaos Legion average price.

Went to Dygygon 11 and  Splinterlands focused on the Riftwatchers launch and bonus cards. I am happy I participated, as I received a Voucher in my account for my attendance. Will you FOMO into the mini-set or be patience and wait for bargains? 

I am not Mr. Moneybags so I struggled to buy Riftwatchers packs so I had to wait for low prices while swapping the tokens I was earning from content creation. I managed to buy my first pack and sent it to my account.

Drum roll please! I opened the pack and slowly turned the cards one by one. Got an rare Scavo Technomancer and some other common cards, and my expectations were clearly higher. I feel like it was better to hit the market and buy the cheapest ones available in there.

Took me a while to raise funds for another pack but I've done it. Uloth Dhampir as the rare card and the same cheap cards as a fill-up. Feel like the time for buying packs is gone and it's the time to accept that the marketplace is a better option.

I gone shopping and I raise the number of  Riftwatchers cards to twelve, clearing the market floor. My plan is to keep an eye for bargains and slowly upgrade my deck. What's your plan?

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Written by   1119
2 weeks ago
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Good luck and many legendaries (any of them are quite expensive, if you get one dropping)

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2 weeks ago

The pack is expensive

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2 weeks ago

Sell GLX on Hive engine into SPS to buy some extra packs

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2 weeks ago