The Punkz Hero Egg-stravaganza Egg-Cumulator Easter Egghunt Event

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Never seen an alliteration as good as "Egg-stravaganza Egg-Cumulator Easter Eggunt Event" since V from Vendetta! "Voila! In view humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate." was a good one but not as glamourous and vibrant egg hunt we had in the Punkz Discord!

All punkz were invited to join the festive crypto egg hunt during the Easter weekend, with "eggs" being dropped in random channels at random hours. Only the fastest punk was rewarded with $PKZ, while the others had to stay vigilant and wait for the next one. 

Punkz Hero is powered by PKZ tokens, minted on Token Mint. The game is available on PipeFlare, a play2earn crypto gaming platform, where the players can play, collect free tokens, claim airdrops and earn rewards through the referral program. The game is one of the early members of the extended Horizen family, and more Dapps will soon follow.

The Punkz Leaders shared "eggs" at random times, testing the participants speed, skills and endurance! The eggs had to be claimed in 30 minutes, before going bad. Only three eggs gone bad in three days, and those in the early hours of the competition.

Each egg was rewarded with 50 $PKZ and every egg-hunter received a participation POAP. All punkz that found at least one egg were able to claim the newest punkz POAP. The Punkz Easter Egg-stravaganza was the 3rd POAP minted this year, showing that proof of participation brings extra value to events and competitions. 

The Egg-cumulator Leaderboard was updated daily, and the top will be updated and shared daily, top egg-hunters received extra $PKZ on top of the standard $PKZ value per egg. 

The Easter Egg-stravaganza Egg-cumulator had 8000 $PKZ prize pool, with 6000 tokens being distributed to the participants depending on the leaderboard place. The remaining 2000 tokens were allocated for the 40 eggs that were shared during the event. 

The Master Egg-Hunter won 2000 £$PKZ, the runner-up 1500 $PKZ and the third place 1000 $PKZ tokens. The 4th will got some force and 500 $PKZ, while 5th to 10th place won 100 $PKZ each.

Crypt0genius was a real speedster, the Punkz Barry Allen that claimed the most eggs. The basket full of eggs eggcumulated into a big pot of $PKZ, 2000 tokens for winning the hunt and 550 as egg rewards! 

Zamiwes earned a total of 1850 $PKZ, Poss 1300 $PKZ, and Waqas 750 $PKZ tokens! Everyone brought their A game at the table and the competition was fierce. All punkz are winners, and the essential thing in life fighting well. One egg was enough to be eligible for the POAP, and $150 $PKZ tokens! See the announcement thread on Twitter! 

The most important thing is not winning but taking part ... the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well. - Pierre de Coubertin


  • The next Punkz Hero Tournament will take place on May The Forth! 

  • Punkz Token Punkz is the first meme token created on the Horizen network, minted with TokenMint.

  • Punkz Parties and Gaming Competitions are organized by the community! 

  • We Have POAPs, prizes and cookies!

  • The Horizen EVM will be launched in 2023. You can have a look and try the tools on the Yuma Testnet

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