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The Premier League Fantasy Tournament - Round 13 brings KONRA as a partner

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1 month ago

The 13th round of the Premier League Fantasy Football 2021 - 2022 played over the weekend. Was a shorter round as Burnley v Tottenham was postponed due to snow.

Arsenal continued the top form, beating Newcastle 2-0. Top win for Liverpool, scoring 4 against Southampton. Leicester v Watford was the top scoring game, while Manchester City pulled a short win against West Ham.

The derby of the round ended a draw, Chelsea equalizing against a Manchester that benched Cristiano Ronaldo. Sancho scored again and Jorginho showed again his set pieces skills.

The league has now 103 registered managers registered with the league from the whole bunch is @merurial9 who stands out the most!  Michael keeps being the most constant manager, and increased his lead round by round. Round 13th wasn't a bad one either, as the gap is now 50 points.

I announced some prize values after round 10, and just 3 rounds later I have more good news! KONRA joins the Premier League Fantasy Football Tournament, a competition that reached 103 participants. This competition was sponsored 100% by the #Club1BCH members, however ... KONRA is now joint sponsor. We talk about a huge competition and this is why the @Empress is giving higher prizes.

The manager of the month will receive 0.5 KONRA, and the Christmas bonus for the top manager will be 2 KONRA.

More tokens will be distributed at the end of the end of the tournament, as the winner of the Premier League tournament will also receive 1 KONRA, the 2nd place to receive 0.75 KONRA and the 3rd place to receive 0.5 KONRA.

You think that's all? Not even close.. as those that will finish the league between 21st and 25th will also receive 0.25 KONRA.

The #Club1BCH prize pool currently holds $100 worth of BCH, and with the current KONRA partnership the prize table will be as it follow:

The winner - $20 and 1 KONRA

2nd place - $15 and 0.75 KONRA

3rd place - $10 and 0.50 KONRA

4th place: $8

5th place: $7

6th place: $6

7th place: $5

8th place: $4

9th place: $3

10th place: $2

11th to 20th: $1

21st to 25th: 0.25 KONRA

Because the updates are posted on ReadCash and, joining will be a good idea. If you are not using yet you should know is like Twitter but on steroids!

You will need a Bitcoin Cash wallet to receive the $BCH prize and @SmartBCH address to receive the SEP20 $KONRA. Tell me your read or noise username so I can tag you in future posts.

The manager of the month was rewarded with $1 worth of BCH so everyone had a chance to earn some Bitcoin Cash. The Christmas bonus was $5 worth of BCH for the manager who will be top of the league on the 25th of December. Everything got better as the @Empress raised the bar, as half $KONRA is valued at over $8 and the Christmas bonus is now ... wow!

Demola Abodunrin ended November with 14 points more then his follower, being the first winner of $KONRA. Please leave your SmartBCH address in the comments.

August MoM : @Panky - $1

Sptember MoM: @merurial9 - $1

October MoM: @bmjc98 - $1

November MoM: Demola Abodurin - 0.5 KONRA

December Christmas Bonus of 2 KONRA: ??????

@merurial9 team was the best selection in round 13, with Mo Salah as a smart choice for captain. Jota with 14 points and Vardy with 12 added more value to a team that was already good enough.

The top team had 66 points, and I didn't managed to do half of that. Salah made 12 points out of 32, while Ronaldo managed to get zero points for his second half performance. I don't mind being out of the top 10, but being on 65th out of 103 is depressing.

Contact @bmjc98 or my self if you wish to grow the reward pot. She is the League Treasurer and she is in charge of the wallet where the prize money is currently held.

If you want to support the competition feel free to contribute in the competition's official wallet: bitcoincash:qqrs4rhyremhen7v69tgqas28963ed29z5mlwhyyxn

Read the The Unique Tokenomics of Konra article to familiarize yourself with the the #Club1BCH Premier League Fantasy Football partner!


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Written by   862
1 month ago
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Wow! I'm just seeing this. I thought it was 100 participants before, but we are growing each day. It's a great thing to have a SmartBCH token supporting the competition.
By the way 0.25 KONRA is more than $1. The reward for those in 7th-20th is lower than those in 21st-25th

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1 month ago

I stopped sharing the link now as 103 participants is enough and I don't want someone who's bossing Fantasy Football somewhere else to join and grab a prize. Also the 7-20 prizes will keep growing until the end of the season while the Konra prize is a fixed one and depends on market price.

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1 month ago

That's good. It's better this way.

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1 month ago

This just got exciting. Hope I win so I can get me some KONRA. Thumbs up to everyone sponsoring the competition.

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1 month ago

Nice! Konra entering the fun, it must really be more exciting by now!

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1 month ago