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The Man of Tomorrow #6 - The Dark Side of 2022

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2 weeks ago
Topics: Meme, 2022, Finances, Play2earn, Money, ...

I feel the need to write a 2022 review, but mixing the good and bad events may create confusion. The Man of Tomorrow series often presented some insights from my day-to-day life, how I spend my time, and those little motivational stories that will make you more ambitious. 

You will journey into a roller-coaster of events, with achievements and FTX, with success stories and Terra Luna. The cursed year will be split in two, presenting the dark and the bright side of the year! Was 2022 the worst year ever? Who knows... time will tell! Let's wait for the next one and see how 2023 will unwrap, before we draw any conclusions. In case you wonder how I cope ... I am doing well! Everything is alright!


We entered 2022 with a fully blown bull market, and I thought I discovered the Play2Earn game of the year! Let me quote myself "The graphics are amazing and the concept is enjoyable. I know that new features are planned for implementation and the game will keep improving. The tokenomics are creating powerful dynamics that are beneficial for both new and old players. The main token, Pegaxy Stone or $PGX feels highly under rated! It was $0.25 a week ago and now has surged 27.70%, at $0.33 per token. Comparing the game with Axie Infinity ... it can get much valuable once it gets mainstream."

Man I was wrong! It all went downhill in few months and now both PGX and VIS are just fractions of the former glory. I spent $1320 on two pega, and they are valued at $5 each now. I still have horses, listed for ages, but no one buys them even at this low price! EPIC FAIL!

April came with the Beanstalk Flash Loan and my wallet was lighter with $32,000! All the magic beans are gone! A flaw in the BeanstalkFarms protocol allowed the hacker(s) to steal 24,830 ETH and to donate $250,00 to Ukraine. The total lost was over $182 million and $BEAN went from $1 to zero that night! 

It got better, as the team apologized for the lost money and the suffering, but highlighted that the protocol had no backing! It was zero chances to  recover the funds. However, they did a fundraising and kept the project alive. What about my 32,000 pods? In a good case scenario I can claim my $BEANS in approximately 100 years! 

Terra Luna imploded and that was the start of a perpetual bear market, as the trust in crypto and centralized platforms went down the drain. Did this event hit me hard? It punched me so hard that I was laying on the canvas!

I started 2022 dreaming about 100x, WAGMI and crypto pumps... end we end it half way in the grave. LUNA died but a new project was born, a "fresh" start that took over the $LUNA ticker and brain-washed paper-hands to invest. I was directly affected by the LUNA sudden death and lost over $9000 in one night.

This should be a lesson for everyone, as I was about 400x in profit but I was gready and planned to sell half once the value reached 10k. The safer approach and an early cash-out would have been ideal. I applied this when I received the new token as airdrop, all done automatically on Binance, and I sold at $10 per LUNA. Is  was just crumbled compared with what I could have if I cashed out when everything was pumping.

Paper-hands sold, while diamond hands entered in cockroach mode. I am a big ugly bug, and I will hide until the danger is gone. Many think that HODL is a smooth street, but there are many dips along the way.

The crypto expectations were so high at the start of 2022 that "wen Lamblo?" was trending again Doge coin was flexing muscle and Crypto Bros were dreaming about holidays in the Maldives. Bang! Bang! The Dark Side of Crypto hits back! 

I was planning to enjoy the summer but Mashinsky delivered another blow to the Cryptoverse. Celsius filled the Chapter 11 stuff!  Yes... not your keys not your crypto! KO on the canvas again, as I had every high value cryptocurrency in there. I was hooked up by the high APY and 90% of my portfolio got stuck (lost) on Celsius. 

The Chapter 11 was not a fully blown bankruptcy but a smart exit plan for Alex and his gang of porn stars. It was made in "best opportunity to stabilize the business, consummate a comprehensive restructuring transaction that maximizes value for all stakeholders"! What a bunch of rubbish! , 

That was a long email full of fancy words but says nothing. Its just to make customers think that the bankruptcy is about finding solutions when in fact is the easy exit for Alex Mashinsky .

New day, new nightmare ... Solana got hacked, Phantom Wallet got hacked! I do hope that the Solana phones will be more secure! If you are the average guy that invested in crypto, you are THE TARGET! Everyone wants your money, like zombies hungry for brains! 

How was your life in 2022? What kind of life you're living right there? When the time comes are you able to make the difference between Hell and Heaven? For me it was so bad that Hell may not be such a bad place. Maybe in there you lose your crypto over and over again! 

I am not done! This year was crap in all aspects of life. I had Covid-19 when it wasn't a thing anymore but I can tell you it's not a common cold. Maybe I am exaggerating if I am telling you it was a life-threatening illness but I had one whole week of high fever at 41 degrees Celsius, massive headaches, no smell and hedgehog in my throat ... all that with three vaccinations! Covid was one of those things that makes you think ... what if it's no tomorrow? 

In the summer my Iron dropped to critical levels and I was so week that I was getting exhausted even when walking few steps. Done countless blood tests and all results were... fine. I had an unknown illness and even six months later I don't feel 100% physically fit, getting tired easily.

Then in September I had a car accident last week, as I hit the car of a bride going to her wedding! I am sure she will remember me for the rest of her life, or until the next husband! Call me a wedding crasher! Maybe this was a sign and she didn't got it! Fast forward to January and my car wasn't fixed yet, I had to rent a car from my own pocket, then received a van as curtesy car and then a Clio from the garage. I am telling you that a 190 cm dude with 110 kg will struggle to fit in a MF Clio!

It's 2023 and my car is still with them, waiting for parts. What a horrible customer service, and a useless insurance as there are 4 month gone and this is not sorted. To add up... my insurance doubled since last year, due to the claim. They are all good to take our money but not so eager to solve their part of the contract.

Are we done yet? No.... as a new thing happened every week. GZ pulled the plug on FTX and all the bad things Sam was doing came to surface. FTX ... FFS ... they  managed to crash crypto again! Tell them CZ ... Tell them to never use your own token as collateral and never borrow! 

The FTX collapse rippled into my crypto bag, even if  didn't had their tokens. Solana was hardly affected and the Serum (SRM) I had on Binance got delisted so I had to sell for peanuts. The Sam Saga was BS at higher levels, as it took weeks to be arrested but then he got released. 

But then the Butterfly effect hit again as BlockFi went bust. They provided a transparent and empathic "we stopping withdrawals you MF'ers". Looks like they seen the news on Twitter, like common people!  Holdnaut went bankrupt as well and guess what... all the crypto I earned after the Celsius disaster was on Holdnaut and BlockFi. 

The Dark Side of 2022 made be struggle and lose the trust in crypto in general. Even the NFTs went from hype and FOMO to no value or use-case. Even P2E games went bankrupt, and a prime example is Infinity Skies. Guess what? I had a big bag of $ISKY, treasure chests and land, waiting for the game to go live! It didn't! 

Abandoned Castles - Infinity Skies Play2Earn Game Goes Bankrupt. My bag of ISKY was 80% investment, spending about $1000 few months ago. I added some small amounts on top of that through the Weekly Castle Competitions, and my whole stash was valued at about 200-300 dollars before the announcement.

I was down 70% the initial investment and I was sure it can't get worst. I was sure that the value will start to go upwards when the game will get released and players will hype into Infinity Skies. However, this year showed everyone that if something can go wrong... will  definitely go wrong! I gave up on this and cashed out $17,50 for 2395 $ISKY!

But here I am! Still going, and ready to forget all the bad things that happened in 2022. Not stopping, not slowing down! I am ready to face any challenge and make crypto great again! 

If you struggle with mental health... you can make a comeback! Just look at the Gipsy King, his fall and his climb back to the top of the world! He did it for as, and he can serve as an example! Get up and let's get back on top together!

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Written by   1132
2 weeks ago
Topics: Meme, 2022, Finances, Play2earn, Money, ...
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Damn you are everywhere where shits most happens. You've suffered too many losses.

$ 0.00
2 weeks ago

At least I didn't lost my soul in 2022 :D However, if I get a trade offer for half million USD I may sign that contract

$ 0.00
2 weeks ago

Haha, yeah at least your soul didn't left you though 🤣

$ 0.00
2 weeks ago

Your losses are much much bigger than mine.. Hope that 2023 will be better.

$ 0.00
2 weeks ago

I included only the big ones.... trust me you don't want to know the full amount :D

$ 0.00
2 weeks ago

You really suffered a lot of losses in 2022. Hopefully 2023 will be better for you.

$ 0.01
2 weeks ago

The Bright Side of 2022 will follow tomorrow. I lost everything in 2022 and I bounced back. All the events made me go full beast mode this year and smash every obstacle! Thanks for the visit!

$ 0.00
2 weeks ago