The Legends Of Splinterlands: Larrisa Kerato

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The Splinterlands are broken and the Chaos Legion invasion is far from over. There are powerful forces on both sides, and the balance of power can tip either way! The ongoing conflict forged the legendary leaders that will be remembered in stories and bard's songs!

Larissa Kerato is one of the legends of Splinterlands, he only remaining member of a proud waning race known as the chamens. Her race resemble humans in every way except for pointed ears and curved horns that protrude from their foreheads. 

The last battalion of chamen warriors faced the loathsome Titan of Doom. They intercept their enemy before it reached the city of Athua, and even if every last chamen warrior was destroyed, the Titan had to retreat. The tale of chamen sacrifice was shared among the Dragons alone, thanks to a single Lightning Dragon who had witnessed the battle.

The few chamen that survived were watched over and protected by the Dragons even until the great Splintering, and their future generations were given a home in the new Dragon city of Centrum in hopes that the dying race could prosper and regain its former glory. This is the legacy that the Dragons see in Larissa Kerato, their last and greatest chaman champion.

According to the Splinterlands lore, she is one of the unusual Gloridax gladiators! Larissa was taught secrets of Dragon magic and became one of the most powerful living weapons of the Gloridax.

Now she will represent them in the arena as a Dragon Gladiator and bring glory to her chaman ancestors. And I ... I am lucky to find such a character in one of the Gladius Cases I opened this summer!

Larisa costs only 7 mana, and can bring mayhem on the battlefield. She starts with Bloodust and Double Strike, gaining Void, Dispel and Blast when upgraded! Th double two magic damage per round and the Bloodlust ability creates a synergy that means power overwhelming!  

Dragon Fire & Regret! There's no better fight support to Larissa than the Legendary Matriarch! All monsters will start the battle with the Return Fire ability, therefore all ranged cards were avoided. Time to bring the big guns, and take advantage of the 99 mana cap!

Helios Matriarch: +1 Speed and +1 Gladiator card

Djinn Chwala: Tank with Thorns

Fineas Rage: Melee with Reach

Sand Worm: Melee with Sneak

Larissa Kerato: Caster with Double-Strike and Bloodlust

Djinn Inferni: Caster with Giant Killer

Djinn Apprentice: Caster

The synergy of the team was build on damage, as both melee and casters will have the chance to hit before the enemy due to the speed boost from the summoner.

Djinn Chwala had to hold the line and let the other create chaos. The opponent went for a melee team powered by Tarsa, and chose to reduced my melee damage with the Disintegrator.

The Living Lava was supposed to be a hard nut to crack, but the Shield ability had no use against magic. Larissa hit twice, took the tank down, tasted the first bloodlust, and survived another round thanks to the gained health point.

Never leave a Brute lead an army, as the radiated brute hit Djinn Chwala so hard that ... killed himeslf!

Another double-strike from Larissa, another bloodlust boost for the dragon adopted fighter! The mix of abilities is making this gladiator lethal, and stronger with each round that goes.

Lost the Djinn Apprentice but was funny to see the Disintegrator having the same fate as the Radiated Brute. The monster hit Djinn Chwala with maximum strength and then died from the Thorns damage.

I was expecting a legendary battle, with drama and twists ... but it ended in three rounds. Fineas Rage delivered the final blow, and the Helios Matriarch was pleased! See the full battle here!

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