The Legend Of The Oldest Splinterlands Gladiator - The Deadly Orella Abadon

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I will celebrate my third year of playing Splinterlands in December, but only one year of grinding on brawls. Started my gladiator journey in December 2022 because I was guildless for the first two years!

Gladiators will get involved in brawls, large tournaments in which guilds fight together against other guilds, competing to earn Crowns and leveling their Arenas. Up to 10 guilds of the same Tier are randomly grouped together for each Brawl, with fights completed in Wild format.

Playing in brawls helped me to earn Merits, which I keep spending on Gladius Cases. The Gladiator cards from the Cases are more powerful then normal cards, but are Soulbound. This cards can be played only in brawls, and can't be traded, delegated, rented, or sold.

There is no limit of the number of Gladius Cases that can be purchased in the Guild Store.  All the 32 Gladius card have the Bloodlust ability, earning +1 to all initially non-zero stats per defeated opponent. 

Only one Gladiator card can be selected for a brawl, under normal circumstances. Sometimes the battle-rule can help and add another one, and the expensive summoners can also add an extra one when they are selected for standard battles.

I always hope for summoners, but they have a drop rate lower than Darwin Nunez goal efficiency! Not saying that the Fungus Flinger is a bad drop but I would prefer Franz Ruffmane or Lobb Lowland. 

Well... I like rare cards and the Madcap Magus has become one of my favorite monsters. It creates a cool synergy with Obsidian, and is over-powered in battles with the Equalizer rule. 

According to the lore, the Madcap Magi are wild mages of the myconids. This species of sentient mobile mushrooms can cast spell, but often their magic is unpredictable and with oftentimes erratic effects.

While most practitioners of magic attempt to harness and control the elements, madcap magi believe this dampens the elements’ potential. Instead, they’ve learned to channel earth mana through their bodies and their staffs without restrictions, letting it run its course, come what may.

This new cards helped be to deliver a better performance! I've got better in brawls and started to win more games. I first set a record when I won six out of seven battles, helping my team finish on the 3rd place. The top performance helped the guild win 15 Crowns and each participant was rewarded with 692 Merits and 9.5 $SPS as rewards! 

I gradually improved both my skills and results, reaching a new milestone! I won 7 out of nine battles, and set a new personal best. More crowns added in the guild's treasury and a considerable amount of merits added towards the purchase of new Gladius Cases! 

I visited the Guild Store after few more brawls, and spent 2000 merits on a Gladius Case. Unwrapping packs is always a lottery, and most of the time you get only the boring rare like the Witch of Warwick. However, this time was different ... this time I've got three rare cards! 

Palidon Rakk is still to be used, Captain Katie doesn't need any presentation, while Orella Abadon was a card I didn't had in my collection. This gladiator caught my attention, as it costs only two mana! 

Orella Abadon has an amazing story, as she is the oldest Gladiator who has chosen to join the professional camp. She is an Efreet, but the only non-human trait she possesses is her pointed ears.

The striped sickle tattoos that adorn her face and arms each represent a battle won in her lifetime, and each stripe represents a single kill within that battle. She is incredibly handy with spears of all sizes, having learned many tricks from all sorts of people in her long and storied travels. 

She may be old but experience can change the tides of the battle. Orella is a bargain killer, starting the Sneak ability and earning True Strike when upgraded. Two mana for a card with two health, two damage and Bloodlust is something that will top the battlefield in duels with a small mana pool. 

The time for Orella has come when a 12 mana battle brought the "Are You Not Entertained?" rule in the mix! Using an extra gladiator in such a low mana duel is an unique opportunity! 

Tarsa: +1 Health & +1 Melee

Antoid Platoon: Tank with Shield

Ant Miners: Melee with Scavenger

Orella Abadon: Melee with Sneak and Bloodlust

Scorch Fiend: Zero Mana Legendary Decoy

I had to face a Water Splinter team that was prepared to face a team of casters, with magic reduction and a self-sustainable Sea Serpent. The Hardy Stonefish and the Chicken were decoys, keeping the Sea Serpent safe from early damage.

However, Orella doesn't care! First strike... first kill! Winner winner... chicken dinner! She boosted all the stats trough Bloodlust and the And Miners scavenged extra health. Was so early in the game but it was already looking good for my team! 

Orella had something to prove to the younger gladiators, and started the second round with a spear attack that halved the Sea Serpent total health. The Antoid Platoon is small but mighty, as the Hardy Stonefish was added to the menu. The Sea Serpent healed and had a massive bite, only to have the sharp fangs being stopped into the ants armor. 

Was time to retaliate, as Orella spear pierced trough skin and scales! Strike three and your out! It took only three rounds to settle the fight, as the tiny Antoid Platoon was David in this story. The fist-size insects took on the Goliath Sea Serpent and won! See the full battle here! 

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