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The Knights of Biswap - Sir PVM the Creator

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3 weeks ago

The Biswap Space Agents Program 

Last month I embarked a new adventure, taking a leap of faith into Biswap! I wrote a honest review after the research phase, and joined the Biswap Space Agents Program! My article was well received and is still available for reading - Welcome to Biswap - Prepare to be charmed!

I was selected as one of the Top 10 Space Agents, and won $BSW for my participation. I was knighted as Sir PVM the Creator, and I pledged to be a shining example to the people of the Biswap Empire!

Join the Space Agents Program to showcase your talents and earn $BSW for creating content. The allocated prize pool is $5,000,000 in $BSW. Are you passionate about the Biswap project? Do you have blogging experience and a social media account with more than 5000 subscribers? Then you match the Space Agent profile! 

If this is the first time hearing about Biswap, let me deliver a crash-course in only 40 words. Biswap is a decentralized exchange, with direct peer-to-peer crypto trading, staking options, launchpools and NFT market. It is the first DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a 3-type referral system and the lowest exchange fee in the Cryptoverse!

The Knights of Biswap are sharing royal treasures, with $10,000 worth of $BSW distributed monthly. The Monthly Spacewalk Program is challenging creators to create high quality content and share it with their audience. All the participants that matched the program's criteria will be eligible for the prize pool in several gradations  - for both Main and Extra Awards.

The top 10 users who created the best content will share $7 500 in BSW rewards, as it follows: 1 place — $1500 in BSW, 2 place — $1250 in BSW, 3 place — $1000 in BSW, 4 place — $750 in BSW and 5–10 place — $500 in BSW. Take your seat at our table and start earning with Biswap!

The pool for additional rewards has $2,000 allocated for five special categories:

  • Intergalactic Audience Reward: The most engaging content will win $500 worth of BSW

  • Referral Space King: $500 in BSW are set for the user reaching the maximum number of referrals through the referral link.

  • Most Favorable by Biswap Space Crew: The content that is most liked by Robi and our team received an award of $500 BSW.

  • Best Crypto Guru on the Solar System: The most educational content will win a $500 BSW reward. Do you have what it takes?

  • Starlight Choice by Biswappers: The creator whose content receives the most support from the community will receive a prize of $500 BSW.

I was chosen as one of the Top 10 Space Agents, 5th on the list. I won $500 in BSW as a fresh Space Agent and my joy level touched the stratosphere. Only after I was contacted by Biswap I realized that I won a second prize, an extra $500 in BSW for the Most Favorable content by the Biswap Space Crew. The level of joy went trough the exosphere and stopped in space. 

The prize was huge and as a humble knight I was both honored and excited. However, Biswap never stops to reach new levels of awesomeness! I was in the pool for the Starlight Choice Reward, where users voted their favorite content creator. Shadow Crypto dominated the jousting arena, and receiving over 51% of the votes. I was happy to finish 8th, and forever grateful to the 19 people that voted for me.

The Biswap Sharing Season is another amazing competition, open to all the users. The weekly prize pool is $1060 worth of BSW, shared by 253 lucky users. The campaign focuses on swaps and earning experience, and sharing the transaction with the competition hastags. 

Every swap shared on Twitter with the #biswap_exchange can bring a prize from the $530 pool. I wanted to join and swapped a small amount of BTCB for BSW.  I shared the transaction on social media and now I am patiently waiting to see if I will be lucky.

The remaining $530 are allocated for the users sharing their earning experience, and the tweets with the #biswap_earn tag. I staked the BSW I swapped earlier and  shared the tweet to become eligible for this campaign.

Biswap level of professionalism is second to none! I was contacted by a team member to be informed I won, I was contacted with an update regarding the payment and I was contacted after the payment was done. The customer service and communication is different then all the other projects, where you have no direct access to information. With Biswap is different, as the team members are approachable. Happiness is a choice... and Biswap can make you happy!

I checked my wallet when I was told that the prizes where sent, and found 3088 $BSW waiting for me. I can now use my prize to earn even more, and defy the bear market with efficient defi!

Takes less than a minute from staking to earning. Ultra low fees and top transaction speed are a guarantee with Biswap. Shared the transaction on Twitter for another chance to win $BSW.

The total BSW in my Biswap portfolio reached 3484 BSW, and I am planning to slowly grow the amount to 10,000 tokens. Staking at 32% APY is an incredible source of passive income, and a top method to create a better portfolio.

Earning on Alpaca Finance

Browsing around and reading about Biswap helped to discover more earning opportunity on Alpaca Finance, in pools powered by Biswap! Alpaca is the largest lending protocol on BSC, where the users can earn stable yet safe yields through Alpaca while borrowers can borrow undercollateralized loans for their leverage yield farming positions. 

The lending protocol has over $509 million TVL on Binance Smart Chain and over $14 million on Fantom, summing 523,679,833 USD. Alpaca Finance is constantly innovating the yields, and the partnership with Biswap brings even higher returns.

There are 47 active pools on Alpaca Finance, and the 10 powered by Biswap are providing yield farming plus boosted interest and ALPACA rewards. Users can deposit into USDC-BNB , GQ-BUSD, BNB-BTCB, BNB-ETH, BNB-USDT, ETH-USDT, BTCB- USDT, BNB-BUSD, BSW-USDT and BSW-BNB. 

From the 10 above pools, the BSW farms are the most interesting. The BSW-USDT farm has boosted APY at 304.93%, while the BSW-BNB farm rewards are boosted at 188.5%. The yield farming for both are above 110% with extra rewards from trading fees and ALPACA.

The BSW - USDT pair is less volatile then BSW-BNB, and the rewards are double. I wanted to see how much I could earn if I will supply 30 USDT and 100 BSW into the farming pool. The yield farm APR up to 132% and total APR up to 140% brings the total APY to a possible 304% gains.

Hustling on Binance

The same accelerate growth happens on Binance, where I initially staked 300 BSW for 90 days. The APY was 53,9% but was only a special pool capped at 300 tokens. The farming reward is perpetually staked for 30 days, until I will move them all to Biswap.


I am proud to be a Space Agent, one of the Knights of Biswap! I discovered the project and took me little time to discover the huge potential. Biswap is different then other DEXs, as the $BSW token has a limited supply. The monthly burning mechanism will grow the token value, while the partnership with Binance Labs is a guarantee for new tools.

Join the Biswap Social Media and Local Communities and be up to date with the blockchain evolution. With Biswap you can read, learn and explore in your preferred language:

Residual Income:

Join Biswap

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Written by   1060
3 weeks ago
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"The level of joy went trough the exosphere and stopped in space" You deserve it. Hard work my friend, hard work.

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3 weeks ago

It's always a game of words!

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oh it can't be. I don't have that many followers. wow you made $1000 congratulations. I wish I could win like that.

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Took me 2 years to reach 5k

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Woow really??? Congratulations dear

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