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The Hybrid from the Deeps - Octopider (Splinterlands Battle Challenge)

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1 month ago

Death Splinter is not everyone's favorite as it requires strong cards and out of the box thinking to create insane game mechanics. Maybe this is also the reason why Death is not chosen as often as Water or Life for weekly challenges. But this week we have a treat as the theme is ... the Octopider!

The Octopider is a rare ranged monster that can be obtained through reward chests. It has Demoralize at level 3 and Blind at level 7 and a good mix of treats that makes it worth it to pay 8 Mana. The Octopider has 7 Health Points, 3 Ranged Attack and 3 Speed, a mix that will bring some deadly power to the team.

This hybrid monster may be the Kraken we hear about in sailing stories or maybe this monster is the one that kicks the kraken ass whenever they meet in deep waters.

Battle details and lineup

  • Mana cap: 20

  • Rulesets: Weak Magic (magic damage will hit armor before health)

I choose Contessa L'Ament as summoner, to reduce the ranged damage of the enemy monsters, and because is my only level 2 Death summoner.

  • Undead Rexx: Main Tank and Main Damage

  • Furious Chicken: Free entry

  • Octopider: Ranged Damage

The enemy team was also Death Splinter, with the Haunted Spirit used as main tank. The damage was focused on ranged attacks from the Haunted Spider and the Cyclops. The Undead Rexx is overpowered and nuked the Haunted Spirit, with help from the Octopider.

After 4 rounds, the whole enemy team was down and my one was still standing. Not a single monster was lost in this battle, as a result of the strong strategy. See the whole battle HERE!

The choice of summoner was excellent, as the Haunted Spider and the Cyclops were affected by the reduction of ranged damage. Also using the Undead Rexx as the main tank is very rewarding, as his attack power and speed is insane. I used the Furious Chicken in the second position, to created a barrier between the Rexx and the Octopider, and create the chance for another attack in case the Rexx will be taken down. The team set up was ready for a bigger challenge.


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Written by   424
1 month ago
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Why you really like this kind of things Pvm, i'm not a gamer so I can't still relate on it 🙈. And you are really good in managing your time coz you still have time for this while writing article here and there 😱👏

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1 month ago

It's play2earn as both playing and writing about it adds tokens

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1 month ago

Ohh, that's why. You're good in thisat kind of game so I think it's really easy na for you.

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1 month ago

Not really... not so good

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1 month ago