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Superumans #39 - The Humble Tractors & Friends Poker Tournament 1st Edition Review

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1 week ago

I made it happen! The 1st Edition of the  Humble Tractor & Friends Poker Tournament took place on the 28th of October and was a total success! I was surprised by the high number of participants, as 27 SuperUMAns, CRE8Rs , Poolers, Zenvangelists, Across Bridgeoors and Club1BCH Friends joined the tournament. 

The event was free to entry but the Humble Tractor NFT holders received double chips. The prizes where high enough, considering it was a solo effort. I went big with the prizes and shared 175 USDC delegated on PoolTogether, one Humble Tractor and 2 Hey! NFTs

Why is PoolTogether delegated liquidity better than any other prize? Because you will earn $OP tokens and you will be eligible for prizes in the daily draw. There are 545 daily prizes, divided in three tiers. One of the LP providers, or someone who has delegated liquidity, will win $1000 USDC. There are 32 prizes of $20 and 512 prizes of $500 each day, and you can be eligible for all if you finish on the top 3 places in the Humble Tractors and Friends Poker Tournament 

PoolTogether is one of the best DeFi protocols in the Cryptoverse! No one is loosing and there are a plethora of daily prizes shared to the liquidity providers. The best part is that you can have liquidity delegated to you, and be eligible for the prize draws and earn $OP tokens on top of that. There are 450,000 OP tokens allocated as reward for those saving with PoolTogether, distributed over 7 months. 

Watching for Optimistic vibes? If you want to boost your savings and receive extra rewards ... your search is over! Check the guides below to start your Optimistic journey on PoolTogether :

  1. If you already have USDC on Optimism, read the steps to deposit

  2. If you need to get USDC on Optimism, read how to bridge

  3. If you still have questions, join the PoolTogether Discord

The #ProofOfTractor Poker Tournament will become a classic event and the Humble Tractors holders will have exclusivity. Happy Fruitycup grabbed a B&W tractor and I am looking forward to see him on the poker room.

Time zones are always an issue, as for some may be too late or too early. However, big thank you to all 27 people that joined the first edition of #ProofOfTractor Poker! 

Glad @Infinity gave it a try, as he never played poker before! Really happy  that @ThomasWolf  had time to play, and I could see that good player he kept hidden from us. Four tables and three prizes ... as the game was heated from the 1st round! I started with a good hand and was the best opportunity to take an early lead.

I won the first round and took an early advantage, but was this enough to claim the crown? Or luck doesn't knock twice at the same door? Will drop a spoiler in here and will let you know that 3 out of the 8 early big stack players ended in the top 5. 

Guess what?! I wasn't one of those three, as MightyStefan took most of my chips with a King flush over my 2-flush. Was a massive blow in my game plan and the way forward was a good all-in or an early exit.

Got moved to another table, and I was hoping to climb my way up. I went there just in time to see Thomas winning a great hand, with a triple J all-in. The next round gave me extra time to watch the tournament, as my stash was to low to challenge any of the players.

I was thinking I will play at least at the final table, but poker is all about skills, luck and knowledge. You have to create a synergy between the three and play perfectly if you want to reach the top. The 13th place was ... unlucky! 

I welcome you to the final table, where I wanted Benny or Thomas to win. However, I knew that lj (Jon from Clipto DAO) is one of the best players I ever played against. He is miles better then me and his gameplay is mathematically perfect, and I learned to never play a hand if he has raise the stake. 

MightyStefan had a big advantage, with 2800 more chips then zCrit. Thomas, Jon and Benny were on the chase and the game was as entertaining as the SuperBowl.  

But at the end ... it can be only one! And that one was Jon, who slowly climbed on the top of the charts and the perfect gameplay I told you about took the others by surprise. It took him about 80 minutes to win the #ProofOfTractor tournament, a complicated task as he wasn't a Humble Tractor NFT holder and started with 50% less chips then others.

Jon received his Humble Tractor NFT and has now free and exclusive entry to all #ProofOfTractor events. He received his Hey! NFT airdrop and will be eligible for all the future events

The PoolTogether delegation was set-up and he is eligible for for all the daily draws, USDC prizes and also $OP farming. I wish him luck and many prizes! What do you think about the way I organized the poker tournament?

Everyone is a winner with PVM Entertainment and Leisure! When you win ... you win! When you lose... you learn! However, you can win even when you lose! I decided to send an NFT to @ThomasWolf and Benny, because they are my friends. Thomas went for the Zucky Ape and I hope this will become a valuable NFT in the future! 

Benny is an artist, and choose Doubt 218/255. Not one of my favorite NFTs so I am happy he wanted this one. Just joking, I am happy to share NFTs with my homies! Shall I consider Opensea NFTs as prizes for the future editions of #ProofOfTractor tournaments?

Breaking News: The Humble Tractors KPI options are now redeemable on UMAverse at 0.5 USDC per KPI token. There are still 38 Humble Tractors NFTs available on Opensea, with a discounted price at $21 ... thanks to FTX!

I also minted the Humble Tractors - Hey! collection -  a little spin-off that I created to reward those that supported my social experiment. The airdrop left only 12 Hey! NFTs available on the market, at only $4.20 per piece.

Basically ... it's pure harvest... as you put your tractor to work and you get a good stack of hey. There are only 36 unique NFTs , which were distributed to Humble Tractors holders and as prizes for PVM Entertainment and Leisure competitions.

We are currently restructuring and good things will soon be announced. You can become part of the SuperUMAn community layer, or even one of the contributors. The DAO life will teach you more about the Cryptoverse then any higher-education course. We are SuperUMAns ... WE KEEP GOING!

How to join the superUMAns?

The SuperUMAns are the community’s ninja troops and the people who bring the community to life. All you have to do to become a superUMAn join our brand new Discord channel and put your talents to good use! There is always room for another superUMAn! 

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Written by   1119
1 week ago
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